The Great Soycession

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The Great Soycession also known as The 2022 Decline and The fall of /soy/ was a period of confusion and uncertainty about the future of

A Kuz demoralization thread. was in steady decline ever since the the great cp raids of late January, after this event users making threads proclaiming their dissatisfaction with the state of the website become more frequent. After major negative events activity usually plateaued, but around the time of the BBC war activity began dipping instead, with no significant raises even during usual boosts such as after school hours and american hours.

Constant CP raids and drama, as well as a forced captcha, tor and proxy bans, broken reply system, and constant demoralization threads from Kuz caused some to fear that the party was dying and even caused a few users to leave entirely. It even made Soot question his will to run the site, stating that he considers shutting down the party "more and more"[1]

During this era of uncertainty, stats showed that the partys daily activity rate had fell by over 40%.[2] The average posts per hour fell from over 120 to just 25, reaching as low as 13 at night.

While the Soycession was real, many users believe that the threads and the wiki page about it were nothing but yet another attempt from Kuz to embolden anger in the state of the website and to turn the userbase against Soot and in favor of himself.

The conflict reached its peak in the Sharty Crisis of 2022. After that, things have calmed down and many soyteens have expressed that the 'party is beginning to feel like it’s old self again, with a decrease in nas posting, better website moderation, and less drama threads. There is a fear that things will go back to how it was, because Kuz can return and fuck with the website anytime he wants.

Note: If you want to use wayback machine snapshots to asses the party's activity, don't use snapshots from between January 14th and January 26th, because that's when the mods were restoring the missing posts from the wipe to the post counter.