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kuzzy kuz

Yuri Mikhailovich Kuznetsov
Юрий Михайлович Кузнецов
Kuz in 2024
Administrator of Soyjak.Party
In office
Preceded byDoll
Succeeded byMax
In office
Preceded bySoot
Succeeded byDoll
Personal details
Yuri Mikhailovich Kuznetsov

June 30, 1988 (age 35)
Bologoye, Omsk, Russian SFSR, USSR
Political partyKuzist
SpouseMasha Kuznetsova

(m. 2006; w. 2009)


(m. 2011 d. 2014)

Natalia Kuznetsova

(m. 2021)
Children2, one adopted and one illegitimate[1]
Best known forKolymaNET Founder and Owner. Ownership of the 'party and many other sites
Tripcodekuz!netsovkMgo, kuz ## Admin
IAS?Varies. See: Yurijak variant

Kuz is an individual who served as the second administrator of Soyjak.party[2][3] between July 16th, 2022 and May 17th, 2023, and then briefly again from July 12th to July 18th of 2023. He has identified himself as a 35-year-old Russian-Cypriot[a] man named "Yuri Mikhailovich Kuznetsov"[b] , a purported media personality[4] and radio host. "Yuri Kuznetsov" is generally believed to not be a real person due to many parts of his backstory before 2019 having little to no proven evidence of actually happening, as well as other suspiciouly fake actions Kuz "partook" in. Yuri Kuznetsov is instead believed to be a fake persona. Despite this, the individual behind "Kuz" is still a real person who has been influencing imageboard politics since 2019. Kuz was the "Chairman"[5] of the Kolyma Network[6], a "Cyprus-based organization" (unofficial larping group) that dissolved in 2023 following kuz's "HIV/AIDs diagnosis".[7] The members of the Kolyma Network hosted several websites and imageboards, and Kuz's penchant for buying websites drew attention to his activities.

Kuz is regarded as one of the most significant figures in /qa/ and Soyjak.party history. On July 16th, 2022, Kuz became the administrator of Soyjak.party after the site's founder and first administrator, Soot, agreed to sell it to him for $2,000, concluding the Second Soyvil War. Kuz ruled the site for almost a year before resigning on May 17th, 2023.[8] As admin of the sharty, Kuz "propelled" the site from a regional novelty, to a veritable phenomenon in the imageboard world, and the site experienced peak usage under his administration.[9] Throughout 2022, he frequently made radical changes to the site, often receiving mixed or negative reactions from critics and users alike.[10] Following a "medical diagnosis" wherein Kuz "discovered his long-untreated HIV infection had progressed to full blown AIDs", Kuz temporarily stepped down, giving his position to Doll. An ill-fated return was planned by Kuz's "manager", Anton Maximov, but kuz backed out of this plan, and on July 18th, 2023, it was announced that Kuz was retiring from his career altogether, in a series of final public appearances, question sessions, and ceremonies titled "This Is It"[11][12]

The following is some alleged controversy Kuz had: "Starting in 2020, kuz became a figure of constant controversy and speculation (dubbed Kuz-mania) due to his attempts at changing his identity, speculation about his appearance, online behavior, speculated homosexuality, and lifestyle.[13] In August of 2022, anger and confusion began to arise about an alleged romantic relationship with an underage, male, moderator of the site and member of the KolymaNET youth league.[14] In December, 2022, he was accused of sexually abusing a 14 year old boy in Russia.[15] The lawsuit was settled with an out of court settlement in in June, 2023.[16] His addiction to prescription drugs, mood swings, and contradicting statements issued by his estate lead to a near constant state of drama on his sites.[17]"

"Personal Life"

This is the official kuzist narrative. If you want to add info about Kuz's true identity, go to Kuz's Identity

Kuz was born in 1988 in Omsk, Russia, to a poor family, on the outskirts of a village, several miles from the Kazakh border.[18][19] Kuz is married,[20] He lives in Memphis after allegedly fleeing the Russian Federation for tax evasion.[21][22]

Kuz's career on the internet began in 2005, with the release of the extremely popular "9channel", a Russian textboard forum which he claims was the first of its kind in Russia. Since then, kuz has made, renewed, or bought dozens of other websites.

9channel grew but never became particularly active, although Kuz likes to pretend it was "the biggest anonymous website in Russia", though this is very easily disproven. The website was widely known to be only a hotbed for the sharing of illegal material, pirated movies, and "crime announcements", or posts announcing or displaying small crimes (like vandalism) anonymously. The latter became such a problem that it was specifically written into the Kolyma Networks rules that "crime announcements" were banned, although this did little to curb the problem. The website was shut down in 2017 along with most of Kuz's websites.[23][24][25]

Proof of the existence of 9channel is scarce as users of the website were generally rather secretive. There are no public archives, as kuz refuses to release any, and the site also is not on archive.org or archive.is because it was tor-only.[26] There is however a "Devyach" (9ch in Russian) twitter account which contains a tor link and was created in 2009.[27] This is very likely the real 9channel as it cites its location as Omsk, Russia, and contains a common 9ch slogan in the description.[28]

Kuz in army uniform.

In 2008, Kuz contracted HIV from a prostitute in Poland.[29] However, some anonymous truthers suggest he actually contracted it from being brutally raped in the Russian military, which is a common occurrence.[30]

In 2023, questions were posed by many about kuz's mental state and whether he was still acting alone. Consistently slurred speech, an addiction to various amphetamines, and general sickliness, likely compounded by a lifelong struggle with HIV/AIDs, caused many to doubt the validity of the statements issued by KolymaNET about Kuz's "Excellent health".[31][32][33]


Kuz has been married 3 times.[34] His first marriage, to 16 year old[35] Masha Alekseevna, ended in her death at the age of 19 in a farming equipment accident.[36][37] Kuz has divulged only a small amount of information about this event, what little is known is from unsourced, anonymous authors. The only verified piece of information about her is from a post kuz made to a private noticeboard sometime in 2020.[38]

His 2nd marriage, which lasted for an even smaller amount of time, is believed to have been for business reasons. Kuz divorced the woman, sometimes known as "the woman from smolensk", in 2014.[39]

Kuz's married his third wife on August 20th, 2021[40]. 22 year old "Nedelya Kuznetsov"[41]. Little is known about her, except that she is also a high ranking KolymaNET employee, who's email was leaked during the Second Soyvil War, and spammed with lemonjaks.[42] This appears to be a marriage of love, as kuz often writes about her on his blog.[43] Kuz has said she has "green eyes", which he apparently finds very attractive.[44] She has made no public appearances.

"Affair with Sobot"

Main Article: Sobot

Sobot (real name unknown) is a 16 year old Polish-Argentinian boy 6'4 Black man(?) and member of the Kolsyetmol (Kolyma Youth Leage), best known for an alleged extra-marital affair with kuz. Kuz befriended sometime before purchasing the sharty, and Sobot became a mod after the great purchase. There has been intense speculation about their relationship, with many, including kuz and sobot themselves, saying that it is not romantic or sexual. Regardless, rumors persist, and many believe Sobot is still in a relationship with kuz.[45] Prior to March 4th, 2022, it was widely believed Dobot possessed a very feminine, young, appearance, however, his identity was called into question when some pictures of him turned out to be fakes. The following day, pictures of a tall black man claiming to be sobot were posted, and an "Unknown Source from Memphis Tennessee" (Kuz or someone in his entourage) purported that this was the real Sobot.[46] This only ignited further jokes about Kuz and Sobot's relationship, with many joking that Kuz really has a racefetish.

"Affair with Cvnka"

Read more: Kuz - Heyuri Wiki Cvnka is a Russian-American vtuber[47] who's gimmick is lovecraftian/eldritch horror. Kuz was apparently a fan of her and rumors of supposed interactions between the two are circulated but suppressed quickly on 9channel and other sites.

Several posts made their way to the western internet, which were rehashed by kuz's detractors, including "faganon", a heyuri user, who extensively documented their supposed interactions, suggesting they first met in 2015, which kuz claims is impossible.[48] Regardless of the validity, they have apparently interacted, as several screenshots of supposed conversations between them exist and occasionally make their rounds on websites where kuz's sexual interactions are commonly discussed (such as 9ch, soyjak.party). A megathread was held on 3chan about the topic but no conclusion was reached.

"Rumors of death"

On September 29th, numerous[49][50][51][52] threads were created purporting a fictitious[53] rumor that Kuz had died. The rumors were so prolific, that several soyteens became distraught[54], believing it to be true, and many fake screenshots appeared.[55]

September 29th, 2022, 5:49PM Kratovka Regional Hospital, Omsk, Russia. The man with just 3 hours to live lies asleep in a hospital bed. Kuznetsov was once a strong man, at 6'0, he possessed a moderate, though not muscular build, and commanded a smooth, baritone voice which spurred compliance and attention. Now, at the age of just 34, the diseases which ravage his body barely allow him to utter childlike whispers, his thick country accent making him almost impossible to understand. The black rings around his eyes and his shallow, sunken face accentuate his gaunt appearance, and the aids-induced tremors prevent him from performing even the simplest of day to day tasks. He spends most of his time sleeping, surrounded by his security team and his 22 year old Wife, Nedelya Kuznetsov.

He eventually succumbs to his ailments. At 8:46 PM, with his wife and his secretary by his side, Yuri Kuznetsov, the legendary Russian who forever changed the face of Soyjakking, dies. He is just 34 years old.

- Anonymous Truther, citing his experiences as kuz's personal doctor.

"Name and Citizenship change"

On October 1st, kuz announced via telegram that he had attempted to change his legal name to "Temujin" and applied for Turkish citizenship.[56] During the second SOTS livestream, Kuz revealed that the official name change never came to fruition. This sparked discussion and mockery.


On September 1st, 2022, kuz departed for Turkish Cyprus until December, giving the site to 3 anonymous moderators during his absence. Though he returned early due to violent political turbulence on the sharty. kuz later moved to Cyprus as his permanent residence, and applied for Turkish Cypriot citizenship. Kuz runs several Turkish websites, where he is often referred to affectionately as "kuzu" (Turkish: The Lamb).[57]

"Religious and political opinions"

Kuz's political opinions seem to change to fit whatever is currently best for him at the moment, although he did once condemn conflict in ukraine, writing a lengthy blogpost on why it was bad from a moral standpoint.

"The estimated toll of all the deaths caused by the Conflict in Ukraine is 33,000. Both civilians and soldiers. When the media reports on these numbers, they will simply leave it at that, but the actual price of that number is immeasurably greater." " [... ]This is why I will never support conflict in Ukraine or elsewhere."[58]

During his rare live appearances, he has revealed little about his personal political beliefs, preffering to "keep it to himself". Although he says he is not racist, or a nationalist.

Kuz requests that Allah blesses the sharty

"Conversion to Islam"

In December of 2022 and January of 2023, questions were asked about kuz's apparent conversion to Islam. Starting with a telegram post on December 26th that simply read, "is islam the way?"[59] followed 5 days later on new years eve by a celebratory post, wherein kuz concluded the message with a request for Allah to bless his users, suffixed with a honoric muslim phrase (Subhanahu wa ta'ala).[60]

"Source of wealth"

Kuz's net worth is about 108M rubles, or roughly 1.4 Million dollars. He regularly drops large amounts of money on websites he likes in attempts to buy them. Offering "2k for the sharty" at one point. He also bought a website called Vidlii, for an undisclosed number, allgedly about 5,000. In 2021 he bought Gurochan, and has offered thousands for other imageboard websites[61] His company, KolymaNET, is also the largest internet provider in Omsk, and kuz owns several datacenters in Russia and Turkey.[62]

Some speculate most of his money was gained through an illicit exit scam,[63] but the source of his money is unknown. He has said on a few occasions that it was from "smart investments" and "good luck"

"Health problems and disappearances"

Kuz has taken multiple "Extended vacations" and other long breaks since he became Admin of the site. Although once renowned for his highly energetic, provocative, and rowsing behavior, as he approached the end months of 2022, his physical and mental health, and appearances in public all began to decline, with many speculating kuz was on drugs or being forced to work against his will.[64] By new years 2023, mere weeks after his final Q&A ("17 December Kuzstream"), kuz had stopped public appearances altogether.

Whether this was an official absence/break or an unplanned hiatus due to his health problems was never revealed to the public. A second interview on the turkish website "Kereste" near new years marked his final official public appearance before kuz became severely ill and was hospitalized.[65] kuz made an impromptu visit to a large thread exposing the crimes of some discords, where he spoke out against the ongoing pedophilia issue on the sharty even though he is a gay pedophile, himself and its many adjacent communities in March.[66]

Sadly, this marked the final time kuz would appear in public. A scheduled live appearance on April 11th failed to occur, and was later cancelled, with a message pinned to the board saying "Kuz's appearance was cancelled".[67] No explanation was provided. A few weeks later, sharty moderator (at the time) and long time personal friend of kuz, sobot, announced that he would be being temporary replaced by the manager of the sharty, Doll.[68]

A redacted message that Anton Maximov sent to Doll.

"Kuz's HIV transitions into AIDS"

In Mid-May 2023, Kuz departed for Cuba. The reason for the trip, at the time, was shrouded in mystery, with some theorizing that it had to do something with medical reasons. On May 17, 2023, NSS director Anton Maximov elaborated elaborated on the reason for Kuz's trip to Cuba: Having to see doctors in order to help treat his HIV. This followed other trips within the US and Mexico. He, however, reassured people that kuz is in a stable condition. Maximov also noted that soyjak.party was affecting Kuz's mental health, with Kuz telling doll "This is the second thing that has made me reconsider my career, the amount of time it consumes, the stress it causes [...], and the limited time I have left on this Earth and how I wish to spend it." The 'party's ownership was then transferred to Doll.[69]

"Speculation about sexuality"

Kuz's sexuality is often discussed on the site, as his behavior has lead many to believe he may be a homosexual. During a data leak 'teens found IP addresses that were speculated to belong to Kuz that made various homosexual posts and threads on the sharty.[70][71]

Relationship with /qa/

Kuz on /qa/ in 2020 (pre sharty): https://desuarchive.org/qa/thread/3421515/#3421776

/qa/ doxes kuz in 2020. (still pre sharty): https://desuarchive.org/qa/thread/3505885/#q3505885 https://desuarchive.org/qa/thread/3505885/#q3505949


Relationship with Soyjak.party

Kuz is best known for being the owner of the site and its most famous user, and during his early days, being at the center of controversy on the site.[72]


Kuz was the originator of multiple trends on the Party. Critics allege that these contributions are part of a coordinated effort to mentally manipulate and demoralise the party's userbase in preparation of a possible takeover; however, as of the time of writing, historic analysis on the authenticity of these trends has yet to be carried out.

Kuz lone-raiding #4chan in october of 2020, using "soyspeak".

Early soyjak-related activity

Kuz's first publicly recorded soyduel was in September of 2020.[73] Back then, he had a habit of using what he named "soyspeak" as a way of antagonizing 4chan users.

Attempted purchase

On January 25, Kuz leaked emails between him and soot wherein soot offered to sell the 'party to kuz.[74] However, this thread turned out to be a troll. Soot did actually try to sell the site to kuz[74], but after things cleared up in his personal life and he changed his mind, with kuz apparently making this thread just for some (You)'s after he knew the deal fell through.

The deal was for 600$ in bitcoin in return for ownership of soyjak.party and a backup of the site on the day of the transfer, effectively giving kuz complete control over the site.

Kuz later made another thread criticizing soot for being rude to him, soot apologized but said that Kuz's response to the failed deal was "immature"[75].

Amongst the leaked emails were multiple emails to soot which soot answered that contained requests for IP's of posters on the 'party, as well as requests for thread deletions for 'legal issues'. Whether soot accepted these requests is unknown.

Luckily, soot realized the error of his ways, and never again made such a foolish mistake.


Main article: The Great Purchase

On July 16th, kuz announced that he had contacted soot and offered to buy the 'party for $2,000, which soot accepted, and on July 17th, granted kuz ownership of the site and the booru in exchange for the money. The reactions to this news are mostly positive but there has also been prominent criticism from vocal anti-kuz groups within the site. Kuz has done little in line of censoring this discussion, to the surprise of some 'teens

A thread made on August 30th, 2022 - "a quilt for kuz", garnered almost 400 replies in an hour.

Under kuz's ownership the 'party has seen a variety of changes. Kuz stickied a Jakbox thread after a moratorium on such threads had existed under soot, reviving the genre into its likely all time peak. In addition to this, multiple Q&A threads were posted over the next few days where kuz discussed the sites needs. He ultimately decided on several new rules, such as banning BBC cobson spam, several board deletions, and new moderation staff, whom he says will be watched closely.

Kuz lightened policies on some types of nas

Changes during his Administration

Main Article: Soyjak.party/History

State of the Sharty livestream

Main article: SOTS Transcript

On August 24th, at 8PM EST, a mod announced kuz had returned from his trip and would be making a live appearance, the first one since 2019 according to kuz.[76] The thread was met with excitement. At 8PM, kuz, as fortold, arrived on time. A sticky was made on soy which surpassed 1000 replies in about an hour.[77] Kuz answered questions for roughly the same amount of time. Though not much relating to the sharty itself was discussed, the stream provided some key insights into kuz and his plans for the site at the time. Notably, a plan to "step away" from the internet until Christmas. He also discussed a photoshoot at the bequest of some posters in the thread.

The stream, albeit abbreviated, received substantial attention despite being sudden and unplanned, with about 298 concurrent viewers at its peak.

On December 17, Kuz did another livestream, which was entitled "KUZSTREAM 2." This livestream was a bit higher profile due to Kuz's possible acquisition of 4chan, which Kuz said was still in the early phases, if it was to even happen. Kuz also announced that he was finalizing acquiring two other sites, which he did not name. Kuz also addressed some of the recent changes to the 'party, such as jump.kolyma.net links and the new report feature.[78]

Selam from Lefkosia

On September 17th, kuz made his first appearance since leaving, making 3 posts in a failGET thread.[79]


On September 15th, a user from /suggest/ offered kuz $4,500 for the site. But later, upped his bid to $50,000 after users told him 4.5k was nothing to kuz.[80] While kuz never publicly responded to the offer, the Chud told the users he had correspondence with Kolyma employees, however, nothing ever came of it.[81]

However it seems the offer still made it to kuz's desk, as during a rare email response, kuz told one fan that he was "disappointed" in how the site viewed him and doesn't think its enjoyable to run it. The user posted this email to the boards and the thread quickly ballooned with speculation.

In addition to this, kuz's final posts before his 5 month departure were angry complaints at how difficult it was to please soyteens. Kuz also seems to have adopted a cynical view of moderating the site, "no matter what I do, someone will complain", leading to moderation being somewhat incosistent and kuz's growing irritation with the userbase, leading to him handing it off to a Manager and refusing public comments.

Despite appearing frequently in public beforehand, such as to show off his cars, what he was eating, and to greet people in certain threads, after 2022, which proved to be a harrowing year for him, kuz has scantly been seen in public. Appearing during 2 brief Q&As on the turkish website "Kereste".[82] and a second livestream (The December 17th kuzstream).[1]

Kuz's disillusionment with the Sharty was confirmed in a recent Telegram post he made, where he denounces the Sharty and its userbase. [83]


On the 17th of April 2023, it is announced that Kuz has left for an unknown period of time with Doll, the site's manager, being instated as temporary admin.[84] With the development of his HIV into AIDS Kuz decided to transfer the full ownership of the Sharty to Doll on the 17th of May. In a message to Doll he wrote "This is the second thing that has made me reconsider my career, the amount of time it consumes, the stress it causes [...], and the limited time I have left on this Earth and how I wish to spend it".[85]

The Sharty remained under Doll's ownership for the next two months. Kuz remained a public figure and sporadically put out statements where he reflects on different things such as the internet and his role in it.[86] On June 4, 2023, the Kolyma Network publicly announced its dissolution.

On July 12th, 2023 Doll surprisingly stepped down as Administrator, with Kuz once again taking over the Sharty alongside Max. Though this administrative tenure didn't last long, as it was revealed that Kuz had transferred ownership of the party to Max as part of the dissolution of the Kolyma Network, who was now planning to sell it to the highest bidder. Furthermore Kuz was behaving more and more erratically, publicly banning Soylita posters, announcing that Soylita is now banned and posting schizophrenic babble such as "This site is filled with disgusting terrible pedophiles who accuse other people to cover their cirmes [sic]. KIKES LIE ABOUT ME so about many people lied about me and take everything i have.".[87] In order to keep the site safe Max disabled Kuz's administrator account.[88]

The auction ends on July 19th with Doll as the winner. A farewell note is posted on kolyma.net, stating that Kuz will retire from all public duties after some final well-wishes and goodbyes.[89] Kuz hosts a final Q&A on the Sharty before leaving for good.[90]

On the 17th of September, the Dailyjak posted what purportedly were the comments of Kuz on Froot.

"Terrible people. Absolutely terrible how they are running things. Never seen someone as incompitent. Terrible what they have done to that site. The polls show they want me back. Look at the new guy, let's call him 1 percenter because thats what he has in the polls. And they want me back, yeah. Is it 60%? 70%? [Reffering to seperate poll] They messed up. They hate that guy"[91] See the Dailyjak article for more.



Soyjak variant
OriginUnknown, almost certainly on soyjak.party
Booru Posts 578 As of October 27th, 2023
Traced FromKuz
Subvariants Commiepedotroon

The Yurijak variant (also known as Carterjak on the 'ru) is a widely used soyjak variant originally depicting Kuz, but it has began to be used to depict Russians in general. An edit was made of this 'riant in a KGB uniform that has since become more popular than the original edit to depict Kuz.

This variant was created by The Swede who is well known for creating the first Soyjak, Impjak, and many other soy boy wojack variants.

Relationship with other websites

Despite widespread hatred on sites like 4chan and kissu, Kuz has a massive base of supporters in Russia[92], specifically on websites associated with him, such as Heyuri[93], 9channel[94], Vidlii[95], and the Kolyma Network. He is also well known on 2chan and 1chan.


A small imageboard made by Lolico, which has a tight-knit community and an old-internet feel. Was acquired by Kuz in 2020, but later given to Kaguya in 2022. Kuz's favorite website, according to himself[it just is, ok?]. His supporters there number about a dozen, because the site is incredibly small. It was raided and wiped by Froot in April 2024.

Devyach (9channel)

The first website Kuz ever made, all the way back in 2005. Not much is known about the website. User estimations range from 1,500 to 20,000, with Kuz claiming over 1,000,000 users. Regardless, it was significantly more active than Heyuri, likely equal in size to or larger then the 'party itself during its hayday in the early 2010s. However Kuz was forced to shut it down in 2017, after the Russian government seized the domain.[96]

His popularity there is massive, with several "9channel" discord servers popping up during and after the 2017 collapse, which Kuz sometimes visited or even owned, where he would nearly always be met with praise.

In January of 2013, 9channel users attempted to rig a public vote for the name of a new Coal Power Plant (how apt), proposing it be named the "Y. M. Kuznetsov Power Production Plant", however the vote was cancelled. This later became a meme on 9channel.[97]

A remake of Devyach was later created by kuz in 2021 and revived in 2023.


In February of 2022, Kuz and Lolwut bought VidLii.com, a German video sharing website. The site was in complete disrepair and was about to be shut down when Kuz bought it, removed the ads, increased video quality, and opened up user registration. He was met with praise[95] and some minor controversy.[98] VidLii was later given[When?] to Lolwut, although the site is still closely associated with Kolyma.

Kuz also bought BitView along with the deal, but that was also given to Lolwut and later sold to sks2002 and HWD.[99]


Kissu is an american /qa/-based imageboard, of which Kuz was formerly a part of. Kissu and Kolyma had a brief war where cp spam was exchanged before both sides banned mention of eachother.

The war was very unpopular in Kolyma since many Heyuri users enjoyed kissu's content, but Kuz reiterated his "pro war" stance and the sites name was banned and its Owner (Kai Nicoll Griffith) added to a list of "Enemies of Kolyma" in September of 2021.[100]


After announcing a possible acquisition of 4chan, discussion of Kuz blew up on more meta portions of the website. Despite this, 4chan users generally dislike Kuz. On the other hand, 'party users deeply support Kuz's potential purchase in the hope that /qa/ will finally be restored and /lgbt/ will be deleted.[101][102]


Accusations of race erasure

Kuz voices his opinion on the war

"Race Erasure" is defined as the act of deliberately obscuring or hiding ones true ethnicity or nationality. Kuz has been accused multiple times of trying to distance himself from Russia and his past in the country. This may be rooted in the fact that Russian companies are often boycotted, sanctioned, or attacked. This has already happened to kuz several times.[103] Ironically, the protests often cite the ongoing Russo-Ukranian War as the source of their anger, despite kuz's objection to the war.[104]

Kuz often refuses to speak Russian in public, and stopped new Russian registrations to KolymaNET after the outbreak of the war. His 2022 attempt at changing his name to "Temujin"[105], a mongol name of turkic origin caused a flurry of questioning about his intentions. This coincides with statements he has made, questioning his Russian identity, and suggesting that, because he was born near Kazakhstan, he is more "Turkic" than Russian. At other points in time, kuz has voiced negative opinions about the Russian Government and Vladimir Putin.[106]

"I like russias people, i [like] kazaqstan" [sic]

Some insight was gained into kuz's thoughts on Russia during a rare interview Q&A on the Turkish imageboard "Kereste".[107]


Kuz leaking the IP of a user who criticized him.

Kuz, or at least his company, is public about his datamining initiatives. His company's protection service, the NSS, openly admits on their site that their goal is to:

The NSS is tasked with a variety of tasks, such as monitoring dangerous users, cooperating with the surveillance office to collect and catalog information on certain users, remove internal and external threats, and ensure the social integrity of the whole of the Kolyma Network.

The Network Security Service has been involved in a number of scandals and blackmailings, as well as false flag operation, psyops, and even assasinations (seriously).[108]

Kuz was involved in the creation of a bitcoin trading platform which mysteriously disappeared in 2018, causing about 250,000$ in bitcoin to be "lost". According to kuz, his partner "Vass Boldizar" took the servers with him, left and was never seen again.[109]


Kuz fled Russia in 2014 for tax evasion.[110]

On January 26, chuds called out for Kuz's websites to be DDOS'd. Minutes later, the 'party started issuing "DDoS attack warnings" and forcing users to click verify (dox themselves to the NSS) before they could post. Kuz also once hacked the imageboard of one of his rivals and made it redirect to an expose.[111]

Kuz’s favorite songs are Elvis Presley - Thrill Of Your Love and Purple Rain.

Assassination of soot

"Guess I got what I deserve"

Some Anonymous truthlers have theorized that Kuz could've possibly been behind Soot's disappearance, as he would directly benefit from his death. We now know that Soot was close friends with Kuz to the point of including this friend in his will, leaving Kuz as the sole heir to the sharty. Maybe Kuz took advantage of this, even if he didn't, it's still suspicious how all posts mentioning this have been deleted in less than 5 seconds and the poor posters permabanned and reported to their local authorities for possession of child pornography (which was planted on their computers using a virus that is installed on your computer the first time you open the nu-sharty)

Identity questions

Main Article: Kuz's Identity

Shortly after Kuz's acquisition of the sharty, dataminers used reverse search technology to find Kuz's private social media. Leading him to private and unprivate them several times over the next few days, as well as heavily censor discussion of them. Interestingly, these accounts were made under the name "Eduardo", leading some to believe that kuz's real name is actually eduardo or that kuz is simply hiding is true identity and "Eduardo" is a stunt double.

Its speculated by some that Eduardo is actually an IRL friend of kuz that he uses as his body double for IRL photos so doxing niggers don't sneed him.

While the yurijak is the most common depiction of kuz on the 'party, other sites use other depictions. Pictured: kuz as a tranime character, based off of W.T. Snacks

During both of kuz's 2 Q&A's, many users have speculated heavily about his english accent, which doesn't sound Russian. Some users suggested that kuz was actually an American citizen, however, the truth is, as explained by kuz in a turkish interview, that kuz was taught English as a second language in school, and became familiar with the language because of his constant proximity to it, working on the internet.[112]

During a recent thread on /q/, Froot has stated that Kuz is not a RuZZian bbc slut,(even doe we all already knew that) but in fact a pedophile from Florida named Carter. more to be added soon because im a selfish little fuck![113]

Abuse Allegations

Kuz has been accused of sexual abuse multiple times. In one case, he opted for an out-of-court settlement rather than going to court in Russia.[114] Many 'teens speculate, that this settlement is the reason why Kuz ultimately had to dissolve the Kolyma Network in order to pay his debts.

On August 20, Max made a post on Devyach titled "What happened to kuz" in which he elaborated on the allegations.[115] According to the post, three separate allegations of sexual abuse were raised against Kuz. One boy accused Kuz of befriending him and later kissing, masturbating and molesting him while he slept over the course of a year and a half while he was 13 years old. Kuz was found not guilty in a trial on two of the allegations. The third allegation was settled out of court on the advice of his counsel.

He just can't resist those little boys

In popular culture

Kuz is relatively famous within Russia and to a lesser degree, in the west. He has appeared on TV and Radio several times, mostly for interviews. According to the official kuz website, he was briefly a Radio announcer. Bibanon and the old 9ch wiki also report that kuz appeared on TV several times.


Kuz has appeared in several video games, flashes, and interactive programs. [116][117] Many of which are unrelated to the 'party[118][119]

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