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Imageboard website
FoundedSeptember 20th, 2020; 3 years ago
Total Posts7,000,000+
Homepage (redirect), also known as The Party, The Sharty, the 'arty, soy spinoff, snarky snappy, and countless other names is an anonymous English-language imageboard website primarily dedicated to the creation and posting of soyjak memes and datamining. The party was founded by an individual known as Soot, who announced the site's creation on /qa/ on September 20, 2020 with "made a shitty imageboard" "basedjaks [fil] must be in every thread".[1] Despite the unceremonious debut, the date was chosen in order to commemorate the 44th anniversary of the crash of Turkish Airlines Flight 452, of course.

The party has 12 boards, but the majority of its activity is on the soyjak board /soy/, which gets hundreds of posts every hour.[2] A VPN CANNOT be used for privacy or 'nishment evasion since public IPs are forbidden from posting, because it is used for ze 'nishment evasion, even though nobody gives a shit and Froot even voiced support for 'vasion if you were 'anned unfairly.[3]

With the Great Purchase, the reluctant webmaster Soot finally handed over to Kuz. After Kuz stepped down, the ownership was (eventually) transferred to Doll. On August 14th, the 'arty was terminated as Doll did not raise enough money to maintain the site.

However, on August 22nd, 2023, the sharty returned under the rule of the Soyumvirate - a coalition consisting of Doll, Angeleno and Froot. This lasted for a few weeks until both DOLL and Angeleno retired, leaving Froot as the owner and sole admin of the site, however Doll eventually returned, then left again which lead the former manager Root to become an admin as well.

Where it all started

According to soot, he created the imageboard "as a simple joke", and did not expect it to go far.[4]

Front page of, taken on October 25, 2023


Main Article: The Sharty Chronicle has an extensive and very entertaining history, which it is mandatory reading if you want to post there.


Front page of, taken on March 29 2021

See also: Soyical Arts has a thriving and enlightened culture cultivated by its many fine users. While the community often united, it sometimes had dramatic disagreements, as can be seen in the Soyvil War.

Many schisms had formed in's community over a diverse range of issues such as Islam, Soyjak variants, and Soot's oversight of the website.


The homepage in December 2023

As of 20 April 2024, has 32 boards, of which 14 are hidden, 5 are locked, and 27 are unlocked.

Former Boards

>There is a common misconception that the /sneed/ board was formerly /chuck/. This is NOT the case. Take your meds.

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A list of deleted boards, many of which were part of the 50 Board Plan:


On August 29th, meme flags were introduced to /soy/ for a day, and permanently added to /pol/.

A list of Flags / Ideologies:


  • Reddist (LGBT flag) (only included for 3 minutes, and only got posted on /soy/)

Official websites

Aside from itself, Soot owned and ran several other datamining websites meant to supplement

Formerly official websites

See also