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The Nightly Raids or Dust Storms were a type of raid that was occasionally performed against from the hours of 3:00am to 10:00 am EST. These raids have been a common occurrence since Kuz's acquisition of due to there being a gap in moderation during these times.

Since a janitor drive in December 2022, nightly raids have become much less common,and have since completely disappeared sometime in the Doll era, the ocassional souless bot wipes of /soy/ can be considered spiritual sucessors of the nightly raids

It was confirmed by some soyteens that the mods were secretly awake, but only to delete Froge and Amerimutt.

Types of Raids

Airplane Cup

The Airplane Cup image

Weird and confusing forced meme some random 'teen is spamming during night raid hours, it consists of an image of an airplane with an empty plastic cup and a swedish face on it above the plane, sometimes with a QOS tattoo or a penis. The image is derived from a mistranslation.[1]


This nigger has Assburgers Syndrome

Please remind him to breathe deeply from the toilet bowl.

The UTubeTrollPolice is an ironic "anti-troll" troll group which heavily relies on trolling the trolls arresting trolls and making them pay their fine. The UTTP general would usually target other people they perceive as "trolls," especially those with disabilities (note that many UTTP members have the same disabilities) in order to get a reaction out of them. The UTTP has also targeted the Gacha Life community. However as of recent they've been engaging in activities such as posting CP and animal/child gore/porn, and grooming minors unto self harm. It's also very likely that a good "majority" of the UTTP is actually just one schizo setting up and maintaining their billionth alternate account to spam YouTube comments with whilst ironically pretending to be a legitimate "anti-troll," mainly because of the way these accounts would talk.

A uttp YouTube channel from 2011
NAS Brimstone
Tommy Parky

The “leader” of UTTP is Tommy Parky (aka Thomas Parkinson). In real life, he is a well known career criminal.

UTTP trolls r scared

These UTTP members would usually post pictures of the above policeman picture, or many variations of it, as well as images of Tommy Parky. These images are commonly posted with text such as "TOMMY PARKY," "TROLLS R SCARED," "TROLLS WILL BE ARRESTED AND DETAINED," "FRIES ARE UP," or "UTTP@TEAM" written in all caps. The UTTP's raids reached a culmination point when they stole the 1000000 GET on /soy/. This caused Kuz to 'nish all UTTP members from VidLii, a site closely associated with KolymaNET, as well as subsequently filtering (most of) their phrases.

These images were sometimes posted alongside child pornography.

It has been assumed by some that the UTTP were not actually involved and that were the actual ones conducting the raids. This was because during some UTTP raids, advertisements for the splinter would be posted.

It was also rumored by a few 'teens that they were the ones vandalizing the coalies on PixelPlanet, that has yet to be debunked though.

Though the spam seems to have mostly died down as of now, but still does happen occasionally from time to time.


A photo of a Wilchan user getting 'nished for scat. The image was blurred out as a courtesy. Translation: ...I've shat on ziemniachan and Frenschan. They clean up frenschan fast (they're supposedely fed honeypot) Let's see soyak party janny's reaction time...Made just 3 threads on soyak and the fucker (janny) stepped in. Weird enough, I got only a 24h 'nishment. Shat again from new IP and again got just 24h 'nishment, I think hey either like it or believe in resocialization

Starting in December 2022, there has been a wave of attempted catty wipes featuring scat porn. These raids were assumed to be conducted by a Polish altchan named Wilchan.

"The Pole"

The Polish BBC spammer in action. The images were blacked out as a courtesy.

In early 2023, a user known as "The Pole" would start spamming /soy/ during random intervals during both night and day. These posts would consist of emojispam as well as BBC gifs. This user is commonly known as the pole due to being said to also come from Wilchan. The polish spammer has denied this thoughever, but he will always be known as the pole, due to his similarities with the entry above.


Starting in February 2023, a large amount of frogposters started to flood the catalog at night, possibly in retaliation for the frogposting 'nishment. Before that the laughing pepe cabal was a regular component of night raids.

Baby Monkey Torture

A large amount of obscene Animal abuse threads commonly get flooded during off hours. These threads are blamed on the dark web site 0chan. [2][3] These types of posts are also sometimes blamed on Foodistzen/the foodists. Generally, the videos posted are along the lines of 1 Monkey 1 Drill.


A video of a Fortnite skin depicting Rick from the soytoon Rick and Morty dancing, usually quoting another post. Seems to be mostly gone as of February 2023.

Dancing Jews

Various gifs of Jews dancing, usually quoting something Kolyma or Kuz related. Likely spammed by the same guy as Rick (see above) because they are both gone now.


Unsurprisingly, BBC spammers are also part of the nightly raids and as of march 2023 they are the main spammers.

Daily Raids?

As continues to grow, daily raids have become more of an occurrence, which as the name suggests, happens mostly during the day. These raids are common not because the mods are asleep, but either due to DDoS attacks or high post activity, in which the mod portal (mod.php) has been known to error. DOLL wrote that these errors are due to kuz's server, which is way too small for the sharty. This will no longer be a thing once the past-due server transfer is complete.[4]


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