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For the Soyjak variant, see Impish Soyak Ears.

This page is a Swedish Win!

This page is a gem.


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This Image could be taken as a self portrait of the swede.[1]

The Swede, also known as The Swedish Winner,[2] the Unmoved Mover and the Pioneer, [it just is, ok?] is a Swedish impressionist designer and professional Soyjak artist who is best known for drawing and posting the first soyjak to /int/ In Dec 2017.[3] The Swede was also the originator of a number of other trends both within the Soy Community and elsewhere, such as Gigachiga, a failed Gigachad-inspired Wojak-derivative,[4] and the trend of adding ears to wojaks.[5][6] In his later career, he became noted for his controversial views on various topics within the Soy Community.[7] After Kuz bought the Sharty, he left and went back to 4chan due to dissatisfaction with Kuz's policies on running the site.[8]

Personal Life

Little is known about his early life, but he claims that he joined 4chan in 2014, /dfg/ in 2015, and /int/ in 2016.[9]

The Swede claims to be an "irl soyjak", being a vegatarian, consuming soy, and having a similar beard.[10] In other words, he says that and looks like that. He seems to identify with soyjak to the point of delusion.[1][10][11][12] He does not wear glasses thoughbiet.[12]

He studied for a Masters Degree in Archeology at college, but failed to network and as of Nov 2020 was unemployed.[13]

He apparently has a thing for "Black T-Girls" [14] He also wishes he was black.[15]

He is a master at drawing 'Jaks in GIMP.[16][17]


The gem that ushered in life as we know it.

On December 30th, 2017, the Swede got his big break when he created and posted a new Wojak variant of the soyboy nu-male stock character, which he named soyak.png. Various proto-soyjaks had came before, but soyak.png was the first to take off and go mainstream. Modern soyographers would later call this drawing the "classic soyjak" variant, and it remained by the most popular variant until being overtaken by Gapejak and Chudjak around May of 2023 (as indexed by Booru tagging.)

Despite becoming wildly popular shortly after being uploaded, and being hailed in modern times as the beginning of Soyical History, the post itself opened to surprisingly little fanfare. It received only one reply from a British anon, reading "you just made this? Well done anon you want your dick sucked?"[18]

The post has since become a pilgrimage site and has recieved over one hundred ghost replies on


The Swede favoured soyak as the combination of "soy boy" and "wojak", and this was well-recieved by /v/ posters;[19] however, in time, the alternate spelling soyjak won out as the meme spread out of The Swede's control. On August 11th, 2021, The Swede revealed that he had chosen the name soyak because "it's a polish word, and that the "j" is supposed to be pronounced softly."[20]


The first occurrence of his obsession with Ears seems to have been on May 31, 2019.[21] He claims to have made over 100 of these "earjaks", albeit only about 10 of them are cataloged on the Booru.[22]

Other soyjak variants

Impish Soyak Ears.

Impish Soyak Ears

The less exaggerated "Impish Soyak", as opposed to the more exaggerated one with ears.

>last year, soyjak party had a variant that was famous for being "wholesome" and "friendly". someone made an edit of the friendly soyjak where he looked more twisted and edgy. I saved it under the name "impish soyjak", and then made a more exaggerated version of it.[23]

On December 20, 2020, The Swede created Impish Soyak Ears as an artistic expression on the dualistic nature of jakkers and their perception of good and bad.[9] [24] He finds impjak disgusting and claims to have specifically designed it with the purpose of being disgusting.[25] Nonetheless, he still posts it regularly. the variant is associated with him and with Sweden in general.

Ishish Soyak Ears

Ishish Soyak Ears.

He made Ishish too.[26]


An infographic on how to datamine The Swede.

It is vital for the safety of sharty culture that this man be identified and killed.

Filename gait

The Swede makes use of overly-detailed filenames such as "smug soyak glasses reflection ears.png". These are usually no longer than five words, and are never shorter than three. He writes "soyak" in his filenames despite making use of the the more-popular "soyjak" in his posts. He does not seem to have a comprehensive cataloguing system--most times the filenames begin with soyak or wojak, but other times they start with descriptors such as smug. He does not seem to use dashes or underscores.

The Swede's filenames should not be confused for booru filenames such as "4920 - closed_eyes ear its_over soyjak stubble text variant impish_soyak_ears".


The Swede cannot be accurately ID'd through his word choice, sentence structure, syntax, or punctuation. Not enough posts have been judged beyond a reasonable doubt to have been created by the The Swede for enough data to perform a comphrensive analysis on his writing style. However, enough facts have been gleamed about The Swede's stylometry to provide a spotty but workable commentary on what is a genuine Swedepost and what is a cheap imitation:

  • He usually writes in all-lowercase, but always capitalizes the words "I", and "I'm". Only ONE time has he been noted to use uppercase for emphasis.[27]
  • He has been noted to redtext in all lowercase.[24][28][29]
  • He only writes in uppercase when he is extremely mad.[30]
  • The Swede disproportionately uses the word impish. The word, meaing "mischievous", is an uncommon one.[31] It should be noted that he does not use it often, only slightly more often than others. Excluding filenames, impish has been said only 4 times by Swedish flags on /int/.[32]
  • He is known to obsessivley call his eared Soyjaks "Soyaks", but most of his non-eared Soyjaks are called Soyjak in the filename.[22][33][34]
  • He Soyquotes by making seperate threads.[35]
  • He is very open to questions, especially about Soyjaks. This has given dataminers a wealth of knowledge about him.[36][9]
  • NOT EVERY POST WITH SOYAK IN THE FILENAME IS BY THE SWEDE. As early as December 2020 people noticed the filenames as something only the swede does and saved the original filenames as a novelty, and likely posted them elsewhere.[2]

Posting style

The Swede's threads on /int/ routinely involve the word country or countries; this is likely an attempt to remain on topic. These threads always open with a short, banal question such as "is your country futuristic?",[37] and are likely nothing more than excuses to post jaks.

On /soy/, He often posts about "identifying with soyjaks"[1][38][10] or about 'nishment evasion on 4chan,[29][30] but there are no other clear patterns to his posts.[39]

On both sites, he seems to have posted about GIMP alot,[40][41]and he claims its what he uses to make his 'jaks.[16][17]

Due to the lack of a party archive, this section can only speak for the Swede's posting style on /int/. A rare survival of a Swede thread on /soy/ was recently discovered, and is currently being researched, along with six other possible threads.[30][1][42][43][24][44] [45]

Confirmed Sightings

It is surprisingly easy to find The Swede's posts by using the search criteria above. For example, putting se in the country field and ears in the filename field on /int/'s desuarchive is enough to return a list of 1500 posts, over 60% of which seem to be made by The Swede. To really narrow down the search to just The Swede's posts, all one has to do is add the word country to the text field; along with the above criteria, this will result in 102 confirmed sightings.[46]

The Swede used to have an account on the Soyjak Wiki called Chuddeus McMichael, however, this account has not been active since April 2nd, 2022.[47] He also had a SoyBooru account under the same name.[48]

Current Whereabouts

The swedes current whereabouts are unknown, seeing as he basically disappeared around the time kuz bought the website, although atleast one unreliable source states he passed away on May 12th, 2022 5:12 AM (CET) after a long battle with cancer.[49] He claims to have left on July 17th 2022. He says he wasn't interested in the site for about a year, but kept posting due to some "retarded sense of obgligation" that if he didnt post, the Sharty would die. He claims Kuz buying the Site was his breaking point, and left for /bant/.[50] The latest recorded swedepost was on /bant/, on Jan 24, 2023.[51]

A possible sighting of the Swede occurred on /soy/ on Jun 15th, 2023.[52] This was unexpected, and without a flag, responders suspected an impersonator, but others pointed out the OP drawing named wealthy soyak ears.png was OC, and the moderate effort of making OC would be impassible for the majority of whimsy impersonators, making it a little more likely this was in fact, the Swede.

Timeline Of Activity

4chan: 2014[9] - Present

  • /dfg/ - 2015 - ????[9]
  • /int/ - 2016 - Around Sep 2021 [9][46][53][54]
  • /bant/ - Dec 2020 - Present (with many large and sporadic breaks)[55] - On or before Sep 27, 2020[56] - July 17, 2022[50]


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