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The laser beam killing this jak is actually a collection of 5 images of Don Turtelli sniffing feets. Here are those five images.

Steganography smell like cheese.

Steganography (also called Soyganograpgy) is the practice of sharing an image that holds a concealed image, message, or icon, inside. This can mean hiding a soyjak in the corner of a regular image or flashing cheese in a seemingly static gif, also known as Stealthjakking. Another form of steganography, not visible to the "naked eye", is using special software to embed extra images or messages in the file contents of images that be shared around, that only people with the same software tools can see. An example of this is steghide.

An example of soyganography being used on /qant/. If you see a hidden gem, remember to reply with "mined" to let the poster know their gem has been found.

Image Embedding

4chan has played whack-a-mole with image embedders ever since sink posting.[1] Recently, browser extensions like Third Eye and P.E.E. from /cumg/, briefly manage to evade 4chan's filters.

Other steganography tools for imageboards are:

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  1. Meaning: Glowniggers posting cheese pizza.