Soyvil War 2

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Soyvil War 2
Part of Soot-Kuz wars

Art made by a user to represent the feelings and mood around the event.
DateFebruary 21st, 2022 - July 16th, 2022 (4 months, 3 weeks and 4 days)
Result Costly Kuzist victory
Sootists Kuzists 'p spammers from discord such as goth
Commanders and leaders
Soot Yuri Mikhailovich Kuznetsov Goth/QAfe

The Second Soyvil War, also known as the "Kuz Crisis" was a conflict between Soot and Kuz loyalists, taking place mostly on but also on this wiki,[1] /bant/, Gurochan, and several Discord servers, Telegram chats, boorus, and a multitude of other websites.

After the BBC War, February 16 Debate, Jannygate, and a handful of other crises, the Party finally snapped. The pro- and anti- Kuz factions devolved into an all-out war which lasted up until Kuz's victory in July 16 of 2022, when he took over the site. Since then, various minor rebel groups have spawned, attempting to take back Sootist control of the Sharty, even after Soot's surrender. Such movements have been named "Dark Sootists" and they often perform terror attacks on the new Kuz-controlled Sharty as a display of dominance. Amongst them are Jarty shills.

The war took place during a time of darkness when Soot was busy with university and wasn't able to properly moderate the site, leading to chaos and incidents such as Dancing swede.mp4.


The Second Soyvil War was kicked off on the 21st of February, when a rogue janny, protesting "Lolkek's deletion of the Booru" (which later turned out to be false) deleted many threads (including the stickyWhat sticky, though?) and permabanned some users. Lolkek and another mod responded by banning him and other users who mentioned him, deleting more threads, and posting several obnoxious tranime images.


Stonetoss weighs in on the situation


Kuz officially declared war on amongst the Kolyma Central Committee at 5:10PM EST time, and later began work on "" (Kuz can't into original names), the self-proclaimed successor to the Party, which would be without mods, ReCaptcha, Tor blocks, or 'p. Kuz also attempted to ally with various soyjak-related Discord servers.

First shots fired

CP was spammed on, some speculate by Kuz's own men as a pretext for the war.

Chuds spammed Gurochan, a site that used his hosting, but the owner asked them to stop. They also spammed his proxy list and Kuz retaliated with spamming the wiki and flooding /soy/, though almost all the spam involved on both sides was cleaned up in minutes due to the war's public nature.

Soot's return

Soot came back shortly afterwards and leaked Kuz's e-mails, said he was responsible from the CP, and generally readied the people for war against Kuz. Kuz, in return, began preparing his men for a war on the 'arty, though he said multiple times that if Soot stepped in and fixed some things, he would end the war.

Pause in conflict

The conflict, for the most part, ended after Kuz started a splinter site called "" But then he started leaking pro-Soot posters' IP addresses. This caused him to lose much of the support he had and he eventually closed down the site.


While the conflict seemed lost for a while, Kuz eventually rallied enough loyalists from his outcove nearby to Fruitjak Ridge to conquer the Sharty, dealing a decisive blow and winning the war.


A sootist last resort, the "Samson Option", calls for the entirety of Russia to be rangebanned.
Operation Lemon. Sootists devised a plan to spam Kuz's extended family with pictures like this.

Both sides have attempted to use propaganda to further their cause with varying success. Kuzists have used false flag tactics to depicts sootists as CP spammers, while sootists have made edits of Kuz and his underage family performing fellatio on a lemon Nojaks. A common sootist talking point calls for Kuz-related posts to be ignored, saged, and hidden. This is evident in Operation #SaveTheSharty and "The Samson Option". These sootists believe that Kuz will give up if he is simply starved of attention.

Inversely, a massive Kolyma propaganda effort (Authorized by Director Maximov of the NSS) was launched, seeing many new pro-Kuz edits be spammed across 4chan,, and other conflict areas. Maximov himself likely oversaw the creation of new types of threads, advanced new false flags, and specialized psyops meant to demoralize users.

Some Sootist users (Such as "Spek") even masqueraded as Kuz allies before stabbing him in the back as a demoralization tactic, according to the Dailyjak.

Kuzist Ideas

Common kuzist talking points, ideas, and beliefs include (AS SAID BY THEIR CREATORS:)

  • Kuz is being framed by the CP spammer
  • The CP spammer is a member of the anti-Kuz camp
  • Soot is promoting the CP spam accusations to further anti-Kuz hatred because he was unable to scam Kuz in January
  • The 'net and the 'yak are promised lands
  • Kuz founded many aspects of modern soyjakking, and even pioneered early soydueling
  • Kuz has been the center of dozens of scandals in the past, many of which are false
  • Kuz is a family man with a successful business and wife. So, no matter the outcome, he already won.
  • Photoshopping pictures of dicks into his 9 year-old cousin's mouth is wrong
  • Soot faked dozens of e-mails to make Kuz look bad, just like Robert did

Sootist Ideas

Common sootist talking points, ideas, and beliefs include (AS SAID BY THEIR CREATORS:)

  • Kuz is the CP spammer
  • Kuz spams CP in order to report the Party and take it down, since he sees it as a rival
  • Kuz is projecting his pedophilia by accusing others
  • The 'net and the 'yak are datamining schemes
  • Kuz has done nothing but contribute trashy spam to the Party and his early soyduels are lame
  • Kuz has a history of scandalous activity, there's no reason to believe this one is any different
  • Kuz's wife is complicit in his evil doings and deserving of harm
  • Photoshopping dicks into pictures of his cousins is just the price of war
  • Soot leaked Kuz's e-mails which displayed his true intentions



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