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Soyjak variant
Origin/soy/, (January 10, 2023)[1]
Booru Posts 285 As of October 27th, 2023
Traced FromMegamind (2010)

Smugjak (sometimes referred to as Titanjak, Haljak, etc) is a soyjak variant based on Hal from the animated movie Megamind. The reason he's earned the name "Smugjak" is due to his smug expression and him characteristically being portrayed as making smug comments against chuds online.


This particular soyjak has garnered some controversy thoughever. Because unlike many other soyjak variants, this 'jak was inherently born within the Sharty. Like Cobson he is considered coal by many users.

Soyentists thoughever have determined him to be given the gem status due to his originality and ability to express smugness. [he just is, ok?]

In Popular Culture

  • Various Russian websites have written articles about Smugjak[2][3][4][5][6], at the same time that various Russian smugjak ("smagdzhek") edits appeared. Soyentists are still investigating what caused this newfound popularity of smugjak in the russosphere.

Popular Phrases

  • "Let's dig in". A phrase associated with smugjak and a type of ritual posting that can often be observed on /soy/. Some soyteens are greatly angered by it whilst others will spam it to get a reaction. Most notably from an unofficial nulee given the name "smuglee". All that is known about smuglee is that xhe is ESL, posts on /trant/ and uses a filename randomizer. Although xhe dislikes being called a lee. Xhe will reply with speechbubble brimstone of a smugjak hanging using the filename "smugshit" (hidden by the randomizer) in response to any image containing smugjak.
  • "It's a pity not everybody will understand"/"жаль, не все поймут". This is the most common phrase appearing in Russian "smagdzhek" edits.
  • "But how does this affect you PERSONALLY??". Briefly popular on 4chan, smugjak will be placed in front of pictures depicting things that are disastrous or tragic. Also associated with reddit.


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"You have bread, don't you?"
Smugquack [7]

Soyjak subvariant
Origin (January 11, 2023)
Booru Posts 23 As of May 28th, 2023
Based OnSmugjak

A common subvariant of Smugjak. Considered dangerous and highly manipulative. Soyteens are not to interact with this creature. Considered completely trustworthy. You WILL offer it bread should you be fortunate enough to encounter one. and then you take back the bread, kill it, and then roast the meat, then make a sandwich with the meat and bread


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