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>Though Maybe you were looking for Wojak?

This page is a gem.

Nojak is Jewish.

How's the cookie? You wanna know? It's the OREO REVIEW SHOW!
Nojak's theme song


Soyjak variant
Origin/qa/, 4chan (October 6, 2021)[1]
Booru Posts 559 As of October 27th, 2023
Traced FromOreo Review Show

Nojak is an organic 💎GEM💎 spouting an open mouth and false excitement.

Early Life

jew 💎GEM!💎


Nojak was first posted on October 6, 2021,[1] making it one of the newest variants as well as the last to originate from /qa/ before The Great Soyset. It was traced allegedly by a Serb from a YouTube thumbnail uploaded by the Oreo Review Show. Nojak received mixed reviews upon his release on /qa/[2], and is currently considered to be forced coal by most 'jakkers.

Even though the original name was Nujak, it was changed to Nojak by booru admin as a variant with that name already existed.


Thumbnail from which Nojak was traced

Many people are of opinion that Nojak is coal because of his unusual eyebrows and square features, including his eyes and other details that may have been drawn with the straight line tool. Additionally, his usually thick stubble makes coloring his face with a bucket tool complicated. However, it has been proven in many peer-reviewed articles and confirmed by Snopes that Nojak is indeed a gem. Anybody who says otherwise will be sent to the coal and brimstone mines, or gassed in showers if they possess no visible foreskin.

After the initial few /qa/ edits, most of the Nojak variants were low-quality dust that was spammed by a few dedicated chuds on the sharty, which in turn made hate for Nojak even greater. Some people have gotten used to Nojak, while others still consider him NAS charcoal.

Oreo Review Show

Oreo Review Show is a YouTube channel run by (((Jonathan Estis))), from whom Nojak was traced. Nojak uses this channel to upload his genre-redefining, trope-subverting, culturally relevant, thought-provoking, socially-aware high-brow critiques of Oreo cookies to an audience of a couple hundred viewers.

In a video uploaded on 24th Janurary, 2022, Estis acknowledged the soy community and thanked us for adapting his likeness into such a well-written character.[3]

Estis's (((faith))) makes Nojak canonically Jewish.[4]

Nojak AMA Incident

On March 2, 2022, Jonathan from the Oreo Review Show (yes, THE nojak) made an AMA thread on /soy/. Initially, he refused to post proof that it is him, later citing that a "message board built around the foundation of anonymity loses its shit that someone won't post concrete proof of their identity" After extensive questioning by soijakkers, Nojak "proved" that it was him by screenshotting his channel dashboard. when told that it could've easily been faked and asked to provide a recording of him refreshing the page, he continuously refused to do so. He was not using a trip initially, so its almost impossible to tell if any of the nojaks are the real deal thoughever. Eventually, nojak claimed the trip "nojak !!sR3lIQVdVg" around the end of the threads lifespan, leading to doubts that it's actually the real nojak despite talking like him. The thread eventually devolved into a brutal soyduel.

"Nojak" answered many questions in the thread, remarking that:

  • He was mortified after becoming a 'jak
  • Searching for the 'sharty was easy, all he had to do was search some combination of nojak, gem, party, etc.
  • He was also lurking since January ever since a flood of soyteens replied variations of "gem" in his comments.
  • All nojak variants are lazy/ugly, like him. He also says that the "son of the mask ones are sort of funny"
  • He was deleting soyteen comments on his videos because he didn't want to "explain to my friends what a fucking "soyjak" is and why i am one now"
  • Every soyjak variant is coal, with maybe the exception of the original which is funny. It's mindboggling that soyjaks became a subculture.
  • His least favorite soyjak variant is "the one of the fucking trans """"person"""" hanging (((them)))selves"


Nojak announced he was qutting his YouTube channel, the Oreo Review Show. In response to this, ‘teens began an advertising campaign on Reddit, in hopes that the extra subscribers and views would convince Nojak to stay. But that SELFISH LITTLE FUCKHEAD ignored the +150 subs and quit anyway. He left in disgrace.


In hopes of not being made fun of by 14 year old chudcels, and wanting to regain his masculinity, Nojak became a Zcel vatnik and joined the Russian foreign legion. He was ACKED by le ghost of Kyiv xherself. (See the attached image)

Following his untimely demise, he was met with profound recognition from 'teens from every socio-economic background during his funeral (Rest In Peace 1994-2022). Although, Troonella didn't attend it due to political disparities.

Apparition (Nojak 2)

In 26th july 2023, youtube channel Language Simp uploaded his video Language Review: Portuguese with the thumbnail having a striking resemblance of the deceased original Nojak. it is unclear whenever he's being possessed or if it is his reincarnation. whenever it's true or not many GEM revisionists believe that "a true GEM wojak are the ones that are involuntarily replicated, not a one time occurrence" (See the attached image)

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