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>Though Maybe you were looking for /nate/?

Nate's Minecraft avatar. [1]
Nate's house, May 2021
Nate's house, August 2021 (griefed by wikisoyjakparty/azuf)
Nate's skin

Nate, also known by his Minecraft name 14Nate_Higgers88, was a Minecraft player who frequented the Soyjakparty Minecraft Server. He was frequently posted about on the 'party by a fellow Minecraft player and noted professional schizo-stalker known as Azuf (whose name is derived from Nate's former tripcode).

Due to a lack of primary sources, very little is known about him as a player.


One 'teen claimed he was "at most times autistic and calm but when you piss him off he'll just spam "KYS" in chat"[2]

Creation of /nate/

While Azuf's obsession with posting about Nate was considered by many soyjak.party users to be coal and a forced meme, Soot acknowledged the trend and appeared to tacitly endorse it (because he's literally nate)[3][4] by listing "/nate/" among a list of proposed boards in a straw poll.[5] However, he added that if this option won, the board would actually launch as "/coal/" and "nate" would be resigned to its subtitle.[6] After receiving 12 votes (21.43% of all votes, placing second after /caca/), the board was created as a hidden meme board, likely due to voterigging by the CIA. Eventually, however, Soot decided to listen to the sommunity (soy community) and named it /nate/ rather than /coal/.

As of August 2023, /nate/ still exists as a hidden board with over 40000 posts most of which are spam. It now functions similar to /trash/ board on 4chan.

In popular culture

In Jackbox Raiding, Nate is commonly suspected to be the chud sending in overly racist prompts at every opportunity and making the streamer freak because they're too retarded to use any of the game's moderation tools and they think their shitty 12-view stream is going to get them in trouble. Despite this, there is no evidence that Nate attends any of these streams. It is more likely that Nate's long-standing historical reputation as a man who nates higgers has irrevocably cemented himself in the soyical pantheon as "the racist". In other words, he's a chud.

Relationship with Soot

Main article: Nate is Soot

"Nate is soot" is a debunked conspiracy theory alleging that Nate and Soot are actually the same person. The supposed evidence for this theory is a couple reddit screenshots and a few leaked documents, all of which have been thoroughly debunked by the CIA Mossad and Soot himself.

There is NO SUCH THING as "Snote".

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