Markiplier Soyjak

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For the patient file check see:Markiplier Soyjak (Patient).

Markiplier Soyjak

Soyjak variant
Origin/int/, 4chan (November 9, 2019)[1]
Booru Posts 5400+ As of October 27th, 2023
Traced FromMarkiplier

Markiplier Soyjak is the 3rd oldest soyjak and one of the most ubiquitous soyjak variants. It is based off of the popular youtuber Markiplier. The most common variant is probably the bald version depicted on this page, although the original is also quite common. There also exists a newer version that is much less popular. Markiplier Soyjak is a member of the Soyjak Trio.

It appears the mouth of this 'jak is simply the original soyjak's mouth stretched out. You will NOT investigate this further.

Actually Infact a lot of Plier's assets seems to be an edit of soyak's. the eyes are identical from the bottom. the nose is quite similar. it seems quite strange


The original version of Markiplier Soyjak may have been posted by an anonymous Chilean on 4chan's /int/ board.[1]

The hairy variant of Markiplier Soyjak was posted on /qa/ 4 minutes after the orignal.[2]

The newer version of Markiplier Soyjak was made by the same person, it was revealed on December 27th 2020 after his /qa/ thread reached 500 replies.[3][4]

The newer version of the Markiplier Soyjak with a transparent background and a better beard was made by Tapi on January 30th 2022.

At the start of 2023, Markiplier began to be replaced by "soyjak 20 (neutral face).png", colloquially known as Neutralplier. It was no longer a case of You look like this and say this. Instead, it was a case of I look like this and say this. The regular blogposting associated with Neutralplier later developed into spamming the most horrid and/or bland coal known to 'jakkind.

Possible Proto-jak

On April 3rd, 2024, Soyteens discovered[5] that an atheist YouTuber by the name of Paulogia had used a 'plier-like avatar[6] since at least 2018[7]. Paulogia’s IAS status is disputed, but soyteen pro-IAS paulogians cite the following:


- drawn from an actual soyboy

- beard (albeit good one)

- glasses

Unless soyteens achieve a wide consensus, this will stay speculation for the time being.

Paulogia, now IAS-ified[8]



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