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The previously missing "Social Contract" Feraljak, reconstructed using Booru posts 5153, 10075, and 20139. The original was found on April 4, 2024.

Lost media soyjaks, also known as the lost 'jaks, are a group of soyjaks which once existed but no longer do. A soyjak is considered lost media if it does not have a presence on the 'ru and cannot be found on archival sites like archive.org. Research involving carbon-dating suggests that 90% of all soyjaks ever created have been lost to history.[it just is, ok?]

Partially Lost Soyjaks

I wonder how this 'jak was found...

"Partially Lost Soyjaks" refer to one of two things.

Lost 'Jaks of the first type are found in threads that exist on archive sites such as Archive.org or archive.ph. These sites only save the Thumbnails, not the full images, revealing only a low-res glimpse of the beauty of the original.

The other type are 'Jaks in which edits of the 'Jak are extant, despite the original being missing (Example: Rupturejak). If enough different edits of a missing 'Jak exist, a reconstruction can sometimes be made using them, but reconstructions should not be confused with the original.

Lost Threads

Threads that do not exist on any archive website. The only chance of survival for these are Screenshots made by Soyteens or being manually archived by them but very few of these ever turn up.

In January 2023, The Afterparty went down with no warning, and very few noticed. Most 'teens had fallen out of their archival habits due to the Afterparty's existence, and this lapse lead to nearly all of January becoming lost.

In June 2023, the logwarehouse shut down, causing the massive loss of archives from late November 2022 to early June 2023.

In December 2023, the wayback machine excluded ALL archives of the sharty, causing possibly the single most damaging loss in the history of the sharty, many important threads and posts, especially the older ones, were only archived on it and nowhere else, doomed to be lost forever.


Jak-themed bingo cards, once thought lost.

Once it is realized that a jak is lost, the best chance at recovery is to petition soyjakkers to check their files for the lost jak. The first 24 hours are the most important. It is best to ask calmly but to get straight to the point: "Has anyone seen the jak who (description)? I can't find it."

An example of lost 'Jak recovery.

If a Partially Lost Jak is discovered on an archive site, the first thing one should do is look up either the filename or UNIX timestamp on any 4chan archive website (intersite posting was extremely common before The Great Soyset.


To be researched: any other examples?. Can (You) help us?

  • The Wheels of TND
  • The "Social Contract" Feraljak edit (The first missing 'Jak to be reconstructed) (found as of April 4, 2024)
  • "Samefag Soyjak" (Real name unknown)[1]
  • Countless Jaks made by The Swede (Most likely exist on 4chan archives, but no attempt to gather them has yet been made.)
  • Various Adventure threads
  • Doctor Soyberg's Death Thread (Post no. 4553)
  • Various early GETS (1000, 5000, 10000, 11111, 800000 among others)
  • according to the stonetoss page in this very wiki, someone pretending to be him once did a AMA with drawings in /soy/, real or not this thread is long lost
  • All of the "twitter tranny artstyle" 'jaks that were posted in a specific thread in the now deleted /art/
  • Several promotion 'jaks for FNAC (They were pinned threads, showing soyjaks hiding creepily in the darkness)
  • Sharty Hyakugojyuuichi or Jakugojyuuichi was once briefly lost because the newgrounds page it was on got deleted. It is also one of the more unpopular ones.
  • Oreo Is Here; It's Queer; I'm Used To It! (aka the video Nojak originates from)

Reasons for Loss

It is unknown why some jaks end up as lost media and others don't; the vast majority of lost media soyjaks are never recovered for analysis. However, there are well-evidenced theories supported by known creation events on how lost media soyjaks come to be.

Lack of party archives

Every board on 4chan including the late /qa/ is serviced by third-party archival sites such as desuarchive--this makes it easy to track soyical trends and mine for hidden gems. For a long time there was no such corresponding service for soyjak.party despite overwhelming demand from the community - without an archive, when an image is pushed off the catalogue, it's gone for good.

There is currently renewed interest in a party archive following the Great Purchase and the site's takeover by Kuz, who had supposedly promised such a service, and eventually did create an official archive - the "Afterparty" - on sp.logwarehouse.net, which archives posts that are more than an hour old in order to minimize the archiving of cheese. In June 21st, 2023 the afterparty when down, and was down for nearly a month, any thread that wasn't manually archived by 'teens was lost forever. It came back in late july but shut down again in August. Angeleno has access to all of the posts, but over 80% of files in the archive don't work anymore

Retarded Booru Jannies not approving Gems

if a Post is denied by Booru jannies, it becomes inaccessible to the average jakker. It is unknown why any given post could be denied, but its theorized that there may just be no reason at all, seeing all the lazy flag edits that regularly get approved en masse.

Also related are Jaks deleted in Booru Purges. Although most Purge victims were coal that deserved it, countless gems have been caught up amongst the coal and forever destroyed.

Deletion of SoyBooru

On August 25, 2021, SoyBooru was deleted by a booru.org admin. This event wiped out a year of archival work from 'jak history and possibly created thousands of lost media soyjaks as the soy community was forced to port an incomplete backup to OnionsBooru. The onionsbooru was archived in its entirety before being deleted as well, however it's shared among a few extremely bitter oldteens who refuse to share it with anyone, although I remember one of the nicer ones giving it to me on /r/, although MY FUCKING COMPUTER BROKE AND I CAN'T GET MY FILES BACK SO I LOST IT WDERFWDWADEFRGTHJYMYNRBGVF AAAAAAAHHHHH FUCKNIGGERS IF YOU HAVE IT AND KNOW WHO YOU ARE SEND IT TO ME ON EMAIL ON MY PROFILE.

On August 14, 2023, the SoyBooru was taken down along with Soyjak.Party in the wake of Doll selling the site. The site's future remains uncertain, but as it stands, it is possible many gems will become lost media due to this event. it's back online albeit lost around ~8000 jaks


During the soypocalypse many, MANY splinters were made and most went down either because the mods couldn't handle the cp spam, cp traps made by GIH or foodists that were deleted by the site's host, or were shut down because of the sharty's return, any content posted in them is likely completely lost.

Very little information about the cp splinters is left, with the only archives being deleted due them containing cp.


The NAS coal in all of its third world poop

It has been found, fortunately, even though it turned out to be NAS coal. Hyprobj also made a colorjak variant, which is suspected to be lost to this day.[rea

Jesus Christ.

You rejected him. You rejected him.

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