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Kolyma Network
Technology Company
FoundedMarch 14th, 2005; 19 years ago
CreatorYuri Kuznetsov
Homepagehttps://www.kolyma.net/ (archived)

KolymaNET, formally the Kolyma Network, is a Turkish NGO Discord server created and run by Yuri Kuznetsov. It is known to many for its services such as hosting and VPNs, but has achieved most of its notoriety through its vast acquisitions across the internet and their mysterious goals, known as the Kolyma Doctrines.

Kolyma owns or owned several sites, including but not limited to:

From a more literal standpoint, KolymaNET's biggest influence on the internet is through the hands of the Network Security Service (NSS), a Turkish private security organization which serves as KolymaNET's security apparatus. The NSS, comprised of numerous 'agents' acts in a manner similar to the CIA or FSB, conducting gayops, surveillance, and cyber attacks against its enemies.

On June 4, 2023, KolymaNET publicly announced the dissolution of most of its network.[1] To absolve himself of most debt, Kuz gave ownership of half of his web properties, including soyjak.party, to the former NSS director, Anton Maximov[2], who was most likely an alter ego of Kuz.

KolymaNET would later return on February 28, 2024.[3]

From the period of about March 3rd to sometime in early April 2024, the Kolyma Network website would redirect to a long-dead crypto project.[it just is, ok?] The homepage of the KolymaNET website is currently a search engine.

As of April 6th 2024, the KolymaNet website announces "a major restructuring in Q2 2024"[4]

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