Italo-Argentine War

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The Italo-Argentine War is SILESIAN VANTABLACK BRIMSTONE straight from the FIERY DEPTHS OF NIGGERHELL!!!!!!!!!!!

The Italo-Argentine War is darker than coal...

Italo-Argentine War
Part of Imageboard Autism

The absolute state of the booru
DateFirst Conflict: January 24, 2023 - 9 May 2023 (9 months and 10 days)
Second Conflict: 9 May 2023 - Today

First Conflict: Italian victory[15]

Second Conflict: Mexican victory (official), stalemate (unofficial)

Italian_Chad [1]

Supported by:

Sectionalism [2] [3]

Albert (formerly) [4] [5]

CelticIP [6]


Hamas_2 [7]





1 Italian-American Schizo



Moot (namefag)


Supported by:


Albert (formerly) [9] [10] [11]

Boliguayo [12]

1 hyper-obsessed "anglo-american" schizo

Erika_Furudo [13][14]


Gemerson Lake And Palmer

Satoko Haters Aren't White





Casualties and losses
  • Irreparable damage to the booru and its comment section
  • Brain damage to everyone involved
  • Creation of the Brunetto subvariant
  • Creation of the Meximutt subvariant

The Italo-Argentine War or the Italo-Mexican War is a flame war between two groups of posters arguing over which group is whiter than the other, even though they're both not white (just because I say so okay?? trust the science goy).

The first conflict of the war, also known as the Italo-Argentine War, ended with an Italian victory.[16]

A second conflict of the war, known as the Italo-Mexican War, is currently ongoing on the booru, primarily between the Mexicans (led by satoko_houjou_fan), and the Italians (led by Italian_Chad).


The Italo-Argentine war was the most extensive and infamous conflict on the Soy Booru, that paved the way for modern countrywars. Tactics such as thumbing small chudjaks and defaming opponents through false flagging (such as spamming BBC and then accusing the opposing side of being the perpetrator) were pioneered during this war. Its impact was profound, reshaping the booru landscape, influencing soyjak culture, and the broader 'arty community.

The initial conflict has ended, paving the way for a second conflict: the Italo-Mexican war, which is currently ongoing on the booru.


Original TSD post. Subsequent posts switched from Italian to Shitalian

On July 31, 2022, a local Bolivian schizo residing in Argentina (unable to buy his meds due to inflation) started to call for "TOTAL ITALIAN DEATH" on /int/.[17] Since /int/ is a natural watering hole for the mentally ill, his calls for genocide went unnoticed at first. However, his passionate insistence started to gain a cult following.[18] A large and dedicated anti-Italian campaign grew on /int/ and spread to other vulnerable boards such as /tv/ and /a/.

First War


Prior to the start of the conflict, tensions on the Booru between Italy and Argentina were already high, as seen in many pre-war posts[19] regarding Argentina and Italy. The tensions were fueled by an infamous Bolivian schizo who, at the time, was spamming various boards of 4chan on a schizo Anti-Italian crusade, such as /int/, /bant/, and /pol/. The Bolivian schizo, ironically, resided in Argentina, leading Italians to believe that Argentina harbored animosity towards them, thus exacerbating anti-Argentinian sentiment among Italians. Little did they know, the individual responsible for the hateful behavior towards Italians was actually Bolivian, not Argentinian.

Beginning of the War

The Spark

The war began precisely on January 24, 2023, with a notorious [20] image of a brown Argentinian 'plier with a phone being uploaded to the Booru.

The Flame

An Italian anonymous user, purportedly identified as Italian_Chad, engaged in a heated argument with another poster claiming to be Argentinian and Germanic, supposedly satoko_houjou_fan (this identification is based on the writing style of the two anonymous users and their expressed opinions, such as the self-proclaimed argentinian identifying as Germanic and harboring animosity towards Italians, typical of satoko_houjou_fan. Eventually, Italian_Chad himself confirmed that the person behind the anonymous Italian was him[21]). The Italian and the supposedly Argentinian anonymous chud engaged in a fiery debate about the true ancestry of Lionel Messi, with the Italian asserting that Messi was of Italian descent, while the self-proclaimed Argentinian argued that he was Germanic.

Eventually, the Italian anonymous chud had enough and responded by posting a now-infamous image: a brown Argentinian soyjak holding a cellphone displaying a picture of Messi's Wikipedia article, demonstrating Messi's Italian heritage, and thereby refuting any claim of Germanic ancestry. This provocative post marked the beginning of the conflict, with the two anonymous chuds engaging in heated exchanges, insulting each other in the comment section of the image. Within hours, the first Italo-Argentinian soyjaks began to appear [22][23][24], and in the following days, the entire Booru transformed into a full-fledged soyjak countrywar battlefield.

Every comment section became dedicated to discussing Italo-Argentinian country war, with users from both sides fiercely debating and exchanging insults.

Summary of the First Conflict

In January 2023, the calls for the death of all Italians reached the 'ru. Anti-Italian images were posted and the Anti-Italians called for the death of all Italians in the comments. In response, as Italians and Italian supporters believed Argentinians were at fault, anti-Argentinian images began appearing.

The comment section was flooded with images of the Italian/Argentinian chudjak with a small dick, and the fighting escalated significantly in February and showed no sign of stopping.

During the war various countrywar tactics developed, including false flagging, spamming, and discrediting the enemy through the use of small pecker chudjak thumbs. Participants often resorted to calling their opponents as shitskins and attempting to frame them as anti-white and communist in order to undermine their credibility and garner support for their own side. These tactics were employed by both sides in an effort to manipulate public opinion and gain an advantage in the ongoing conflict. During the First Conflict, several other nations became involved, resulting in various "campaigns." One such campaign was the Irish Campaign, where Italians aligned with Ireland, and another was the Belgian Campaign, where Italians supported Belgium, while anti-Italian forces sided with the Netherlands.

Multiple peer-reviewed studies have been conducted, and it has been confirmed by Snopes that the main Anti-Italian combatants, the Boliguayo, and meximutt satoko_houjou_fan (who larps as Germanic), weren't even Argentinians in the first place.

Irish Campaign


The Irish Campaign occurred during the first conflict of the Italo-Argentine War on Soy.Booru, amid the central conflict. In this campaign, anti-Italians targeted Ireland for aligning with the Italians in the conflict.


When an Irish namefag, CelticIP, publicly sided with the Italians in the first conflict, anti-Irish sentiments surged, leading to the production of anti-Irish images and initiating the Irish Campaign. The Anti-Irish/Italian coalition attempted to draw the British into the war, leveraging historical tensions, but their efforts failed. Nevertheless, they persisted in generating anti-Irish imagery, often depicting the Irish as brown or dysgenic redheads. CelticIP responded by sharing pro-Irish images. Subsequently, a fake CelticIP impersonator (an alt-account of Satoko_Houjou) emerged, falsely-flagging Celts across the website to discredit them.

Belgian Campaign


The Belgian Campaign unfolded in the midst of the first conflict of the Italo-Argentine Country War. During this campaign, Italian forces allied with Belgium, while the anti-Italian forces sided with the Netherlands.


When Satoko_Houjou_Fan claimed to have not only Germanic but also Dutch ancestry (probably a LARP induced by watching too much Ongezellig), they began attacking Belgians, derogatorily referring to them as "waffleskins." In response, Italian forces, led by Italian_Chad, sided with the Belgians and decided to help them out. Meanwhile, Satoko_Houjou, sided with the Netherlands and launched attacks against the Italo-Belgian coalition, anti-Belgian and anti-dutch images began to appear.

Ban Attempt

In an attempt to curb the spam, the Booru filtered keywords and images, including italaryan, shitgentinian and the aforementioned thumbs of Chudjak on February 21 2023. This did not work, and the filter was eventually lifted near the end of April 2023.

On March 24 2023, the Booru announced that it would ban all country war comments in unrelated posts.[25]

The End of the First Conflict

Eventually, the war de-escalated and slowed down following the ban of countrywar terms and thumbnails on February 21 2023.

A vote determined the winner of the first conflict, Italy, with a majority of votes, totaling over 1400. However, there have been claims that the voting process has been compromised, with some alleging the use of VPNs to manipulate the results.

Start of the Second War

Beginning of the War

The Spark

After the wordfilters and ban, Argentina became much less involved in the war, and other countries, mainly Mexico and America, took its place in fighting against Italy.

The Flame

When many of the countrywar terms were banned from the booru, the intensity of the conflict gradually subsided. Over time, the Italians started to realize that the true instigators behind the countrywar and Anti-Italian sentiment were not Argentinians but rather Bolivians and Mexicans. The individual suspected of initiating the countrywar became a namefag, identifying themselves as satoko_houjou_fan (hereby shortened to "satoko"). It became evident that this namefag was indeed the same individual behind the anonymous posts in the Italo-Argentinian countrywar, as they exhibited similar traits such as claiming to be Germanic and the notorious Anti-Italian sentiment. When satoko posted a pro-Mexican image, it became clear that they were not Argentinian but rather Mexican. Furthermore, they began expressing hatred towards Italians, and so the countrywar reignited.

Currently, this new conflict is ongoing, with Italian forces producing Anti-Mexican soyjaks, led by veterans like Italian_Chad from the first Italo-Argentinian war, who are posting anti-mexican soyjaks frequently. Other namefag participants such as CelticIP, Spanish_Aryan, Sectionalism, Hamas_2, and Albert are also actively engaging in daily attacks against Mexicans. On the other hand, satoko is suspected of samefagging, creating numerous alt accounts to falsely accuse Italians and even to support itself, aiming to gain more credibility and support. While the Italian side tries to attack Mexico with soyjaks, the Mexican side in the war flooded the booru with numerous spam copypastas, catchphrases, and false flags. For instance, they propagated copypastas like "fact 1: Italians are not white".

Moot toying with all sides, his true objective remains unknown, but apparently, he hates all countrywarriors
The Namefagging

The war between the namefags has only gotten more intense, with Mexican user "satoko_houjou_fan" and Albanian user "Albert" duking it out against "Italian_Chad" and many other namefags. Satoko accuses Italian chad of being an offsite subhuman qafe foodist pedophile shittskin Froot supporter, as evidenced by comments under this post. Italian chad claims to not care about either Frootists and Anti-Frootists and to not care about the whole froot question in general, him and the other namefags who support him accuse shitoko of being a gay dark-skinned beaner sperg, after a picture of a shota soyjak was removed because satoko wrote "cute" in the comments. The fighting is very intense and occuring practically 24/7 at this point between numerous different users.

Albert changed sides; initially, he was pro-Italy, but after a quarrel with Italian_Chad, who insulted his friend ShadowMario, Albert aligned with the Mexicans, even though lately he and satoko_houjou exchanged some insults. Xe's neutral now or something.

Moot plot

It appears that moot, also known as jartycuck, created over 300+ accounts for the purpose of false-flagging, pushing both sides (Satoko_Houjou and Italian_Chad in particular) to believe that the opposing sides were engaging in false-flagging. As a result, Italian_Chad believed that many of the false-flag accounts were created by Satoko, and Satoko vice versa.[26] Apparently, both parties have come to the conclusion that it is a jartycuck, "Moot", who is pulling the strings of the countrywar to further escalate the disputes among countrywarriors, particularly including Albert. Italian_Chad claims to have received numerous private messages from disposable alt-accounts with specific messages aimed at doxxing him[27], Satoko, and Albert, claimed the same. Moot created numerous alt-accounts with names like "ltalian_chad" (with an L instead of an I to false-flag), "AIbert" (with an I instead of an L to false-flag) or "satoko_houjou_fan_" to write strange messages and frame the countrywarriors as BBC spammers or other examples.

The Triumvirate

The Triumvirate, (also sometimes referred to as the Boorumvirate), consisting of Italian_Chad, Albert, and satoko_houjou_fan, has emerged as a significant alliance within the Booru. Their collective efforts are primarily focused on countering the activities of users affiliated with, with particular emphasis on moot. This alliance accuses moot of being the mastermind behind the recent series of country wars,

The Triumvirate alliance to destroy the Jarty falseflaggers

which have plagued the booru. The Triumvirate's formation marks a strategic response to what they perceive as the destabilizing influence of moot and affiliated users. By joining forces, Italian_Chad, Albert, and satoko_houjou_fan aim to confront and mitigate the alleged disruptive actions orchestrated by moot, thereby safeguarding the integrity and harmony of the booru. Central to the Triumvirate's agenda is the identification and exposure of moot's purported involvement in inciting country wars.

While moot's precise role in instigating country wars remains a subject of debate and investigation which is to Snopes to debunk, the Triumvirate's stance positions him as a malevolent force behind the recent turmoil.

End of the War(?)

>ehh, hey billy, you remember the ol', uhh, site, or something?
<uhh, what was that?
>hurr, I said, do you remember the ol' place we were at, and uh, had the big war, or whatever?
<huh, can't hear ya
>hey, hey billy, that brown piece looks like you
<huh, obsessed brimstone

After the jartycuck got exposed, both sides agreed to stop fighting and instead focus on making fun of the jartycuck. A couple of chudfags (most likely the jartycuck posting anonymously) have tried to reignite the conflict, but to no avail. The war ended with a rangeban on Italy for a month (despite both sides finally agreeing to call a truce and make peace) due to the conditions of the Italy vs Mexico art contest.

An example of a common Anti-Italian falseflag

Strategies & More


As soon as the flame war on the 'ru started, the autistic Anti-Italians started falseflagging against Italy, in which pretending to be an Italian he aimed to harm Italy's reputation making them look as anti-white or BBC spammers, or even furfaggots.

Many falseflags were done, including:

  • LARPing as an Italian
  • Typing under BBC pics or Furryjaks "this was posted by an Italian IP" (even doe no one can see the IP of the person who posted the 'jak)
  • Typing "built 4 BBC" under Soylita pictures and then immediately posting the Italian Chudjak with a tiny pecker
  • Samefagging hard
  • False thumb BBCode fail

Satoko Bait

Despite the Booru comments being anonymous, it is quite easy to find satoko lurking in the comments. Since xhe is an incel pissbaby with no job, xhe polices the ‘ru 24/7 to hate on Italians.

Shitoko's Posting Habits:

  • Hatred of everything Italian to the point of obsessive insanity
  • Love of BBC and cuckolding; constantly in BBC posts
  • Low English proficiency (and literacy in general)
  • Incoherency of posts
  • Nonsensical ramblings
  • Constantly thumbing images (favorite being Italian Chud[28] and manlet tranny[29])
    The entire war in a nutshell
  • Making every post a part of his pathetic flame war

Now if you have a sharp eye, you can see this schizo as extremely milkable which is true.

Ways to troll Satoko:

  • Calling xher a sudaca (greaser)
  • Calling xher a shitskin
  • Calling xher latinX
  • Thumbing meximutt excellence
  • Posting Italians' accomplishments and anything good about Italians in general.
Soyjak subvariant
Origin/int/, 4chan (August 15, 2022)[30]
Booru Posts 122 As of November 5, 2023
Based OnTroonjak


Brunetto is a deformed subvariant of Troonjak with eyes bulging out and olive shaded skin. Originally posted as part of an edit of the painting Destruction, a standalone version was eventually posted where it spread.[31][32] The subvariant was named Brunetto, an Italian name meaning "brown"[it just is, ok?] on February 18 2023 by dust when a blank template was posted.[33]


Meximutt is an Amerimutt subvariant portraying Mexicans. The Meximutt subvariant was made as an edit of a Amerimutt of Nikocado Avocado, by SoyBooru drawfag Rosa_Ushiiromiya_Fan in January 2024, and was created primarly to be used against Mexicans in the Countrywar. He is one of the few soyjaks born purely out of the 'ru and not the sharty.

Other Wars

The war has spawned a few ripoffs on the Booru and on the Sharty, including:


  21. Italian_Chad confirms being the creator of the image that triggered satoko_houjou to begin this war "Italian_Chad: mexitroons started this war. this gem i made mindbroke shittoko so hard xhe had to start a war over it"
  26. reference in the comments
  27. "Italian_Chad: xes just trying to dox us. he keeps sending us tons of private messages with disposable alt-accounts to frame us
  38. Because I say so
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