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Soyjak variant
Origin/mu/, 4chan (January 29, 2020)[1]
Booru Posts 8921 As of April 16, 2024
Traced FromFormer Guinness world record holder for the largest mouth gape (Bernd Schmidt)

The Guinness World Record Soyjak (better known as Gapejak, sometimes refered to as screaming soyjak, schizophrenia soyjak, or screamingbaldsoyjak)[2] is a Soyjak with a uniquely shaped head and a large mouth. His name comes from the image he was based on, showing the former 2016 German Guinness world record holder Bernd Schmidt for the largest mouth gape.[3] This Soyjak and Soyjaks from his bloodline are often edited into new variants.

This Soyjak can be highly unpredictable. Sometimes he has good intentions, as seen in the Wholesome Soyjak variant, but even the wholesome variant has (intentionally or unintentionally) done bad things.[4] The angry mask-wearing variant, much like Eat The Bugs Soyjak, militantly supports every tenet of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.[5] [6] [7] [8]

According to the Booru, Gapejak is the second most popular variant (it used to be the most popular before getting overtaken by Chudjak), although this is likely due to the large number of subvariants made from him. As of May 5th, 2023 (geg thats Plants vs Zombies 14th birthday, impjak is based off the imp zombie btw), he has the highest number of posts (5800), and he is one of only three to have over 5000 posts on the Booru (the others being Soyjak and Chudjak.) If one counts Impish Soyak Ears as a subvariant of Gapejak, Gapejak would easily blow everyone else the fuck out of the water, with over 13000 posts (combined).


The first known occurrence of this soyjak was on 4channel's /mu/ board.[1] Over time, this soyjak has evolved into many variants, such as the Impish Soyak Ears.

Variants List

  • Impjak - considered to be the shiniest most glistening gemmington jak to ever be made, ironically he has no glasses which would make him semi-IAS. Although due to his maxxed out skibidi rizz and looksmaxxing, he is the best Soyjak ever created.
  • Soylita - absolute bhutanese vantablack antimatter PedoNiggerKikeTrannyFaggotRetardSpicPajeetPunjabiPakiChink brimstone from the deepest pits of a trannies neovagina

Front Facing Guinness World Record Soyjak


Soyjak variant
Origin/qa/, 4chan (August 9, 2020) [9][10]
Booru Posts 4670+ As of October 27th, 2023
Traced FromFormer Guinness world record holder for the largest mouth gape (Bernd Schmidt)

Front-Facing Guinness World Record Soyjak, commonly known as Bernd is gapejak front facing This variant lead to many edits, most famously the hanging soyjaks. [11]

Closed Mouth Variant

The closed mouth variant.

In February 2023, a variant of gapejak was created where his mouth was edited to be closed. Unlike other 'jaks, this subvariant does not have a traced version of it; the image itself is usually used. This variant does not currently have a name, with it being categorized under Gapejak or Bernd. It later become the Wholesome Soyjak

Newer Record Holders

The third world record soyjak.

Since Bernd Schmidt is no longer the record holder some soyjaks for the newer record holders were made, but none of these have gotten popular.




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