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Forced memes are SILESIAN VANTABLACK BRIMSTONE straight from the FIERY DEPTHS OF NIGGERHELL!!!!!!!!!!!

All of these are forced memes?
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An example of a forced meme. It's specifically an example of the Incredible Gassy meme, a meme forced on the sharty by the severly autistic filipino Zuken aka dinoguy and his fellow Cabal of Discord Trannies.

Forced memes are memes that have been deemed to have risen out of artificial spamming by either one person or a otherwise tiny minority of people, rather than any organic development, genuine posting, and approval by the wider community. The term first arose out of old /b/ to label widely disliked spammed memes such as Milhouse and Epic Fail Guy, and it has since been used by communities across the Internet to label coally spammed memes, including the sharty. Throughout the sharty's history, a lot of forced memes have arisen. Some died out like the FotM brimstone that they are, and others have made a huge impact on sharty culture and are still around to this day. It is important to note that the term "forced meme" is sometimes used as a general insult towards any meme that the user of the term dislikes, regardless of if the meme has actually been forced by da 'cord or not. With this connotational ambiguity, some leading soyologists have determined the term "forced meme" to have become a meaningless insult. However, there are still some objective metrics that we can use to determine if a meme is forced or not, such as if a Discord leak specifies that a 'cordtroon forced a certain meme on the 'arty or not.

Examples of forced memes on the 'arty


Gapejak is the most overrated, most obese, most annoying and most tranny soyjak out there, he has spawned many brimstone such as femjak and 'lita, as well as being the soyjak that cord usually loves making coal of, Gapejak was traced after the guniess world record holder for the largest mouth 'gape' (hence his name) called Bernd Schmidt, a german dad in his 40s, i'm sure he'd be down right appauled to know his carciature is being used by pedophiles, groids, cord trannies and coal factories. it originated in a 4trans /m/ thread about the satanic music genre 'black metal' which isn't really a good look if your origin is from fucking trooncore. fuck this disgusting trash

— Preceding unsigned comment added by IHateGapejak (talkcontribs)


Main article: Ongezellig

Ongezellig is a bone-chilling, spine-tingling, genre-redefining Dutch webtoon made by Studio Massa[1], and it is perhaps the most popular forced meme ever to have graced the sharty. Rumors are that the 'zellig meme started when a Dutch retard forced it on /qa/ and that it started gaining traction when a few people joined him in posting it after a few months, though this hasn't been 100% verified by Snopes and other trusted fact-checkers. Also, due to Ongezellig's obscurity among the English-speaking Internet and the fact that no one was posting 'zellig before it started to get posted on /qa/, soyologists have safely assumed this meme to be a forced meme. It is notable for having started a ton of controversy on the 'arty due to its NASsy nature and allegations of it being offsiter/Discord coal, causing the 3rd Soyvil War. It eventually got exiled to soy/qa/, where most 'zellig memes are now posted. Ongezellig temporarily on the 'arty called /zellig/ during the 50 Board Plan, but Froot later revealed his true intentions when ze only allowed 2 pinned threads to be there, causing a migration back to /qa/. Froot closed /zellig/ soon after, levaing the zelligsisters/aryans (depending on your side or whatever) without a home on the 'arty, though they have made their own site called


Main article: Amerimutt

>forced meme is when I was forced to kneel every morning for the black pride history month or something

Amerimutt is a meme that makes fun of Americans using several stereotypes about them, or something. It started on 4cuck's /pol/ and gained much popularity there, or whatever.[2] It then was spread to the sharty by one obsessed faggot, and a keyed gigachad tried to stop this meme from being forced by always saying "kys obsessed faggot" or a variation of that phrase every time there was a muttpost on the 'log, though his protests fell on deaf ears at the time, or however the Hitler speeches go.


Main article: Soylita

Soylita is a brimmy NAS subsubsubvariant of Gapejak which originated on late 2021, at least according to a file on this wiki that says that the file of Soylita dates to 27 December 2021[3] It is perhaps the most controversial variant of a soyjak in 'arty history, and for good reason too since the combination of soy + lolita to make Soylita is inherently pedophilic.. Soyologists have determined this meme to be forced due to it being entirely contradictory to soyjak culture since the fags who like this variant use the same regurgiated arguments and excuses that 4cuck lolifags use when someone calls them out on their pedophilia. Also, this variant has very little to no comedic value outside of making edgy ironic closeted pedo jokes. Red is known to like this NAS coal, even avatarfagging as the vantablack niggerstone Neutralita. At the beginning of his reign, Froot started to crack down on 'lita and shoyta posts, meaning that this variant finally got pushed out of the 'arty.


Main article: Spadeson

Spadeson is a low effort, vantablack niggerstone edit of Cobson and a psychological weapon invented by the CIA in order to slow down TND by fooling chuds into thinking that Gemson is coally since he's used for racebait instead of the aryan saving gem that he actually is.[it just is, ok?] In all seriousness though, this variant arose on /qa/ on September 16th, 2021[4], where it was posted some more times by anti-cobson /qa/nons[5][6] in order to stop the rise of Cobson and also the rise of the online National Socialist movement. The CIA eventually gave up on this effort due to it failing miserably, as most of their efforts do. However, this edit got picked back up on early 2022 by some racebaiters, who utilized it much more effectively that the CIA ever could and started spamming the log with this brimstone. To this day, Spadeson is still a common tool used by racebaiters to coal up the sharty and demoralize chuds into not browsing the 'arty anymore. It's true that the CIA became involved in the spamming of this variant again due to them seeing the success of this variant in demoralizing chuds and they are now funding the racebaiters so that they do their jobs better. CIA glowniggers WILL try to censor this and say it's just schizophrenic delusions, but they are WRONG! If you see this edit undoed, go to the history section and undo that revision so that the truth can stay documented on this wiki. THEY ARE COMING AFTER THIS WIKI, DO NOT LET THEM CENSOR THE TRUTH!

My Little Pony

Main article: My Little Pony

My Little Pony is a children's cartoon about sone ponies that manchildren had taken a liking to. Before it started being unironically being posted and forced on the party by /mlp/ rapefugees, it was best known on the sharty for being a show that the legendary Lee Goldson despises being posted on 4chan so much that goes on an autistic crusade every time he sees it (even doe he actually watched the show and knows the most autistic little details about it) due to its connection with Barney. However, due to the sharty (i.e one faggot) apparently raiding /mlp/ Cytubes and TF2/GMod servers (take this statement with a grain of salt as the details are fuzzy), ponyfags started jumping over the border in the search for sharty gibs. During the latter half of Doll's reign, Doll was mostly accepting of them since he thinks that diversity is our strength, so their posts were spammed on the log for a while, and brimmy edits of Doll as ponies started appearing because almost all ponytroons on the 'arty are Dollists due to his tolerance of them. However, Froot clamped down on ponyposts when his reign started, and ponyposting has mostly been relegated to soy/qa/ just like other forms of NAS.

Incredible Gassy

Incredible Gassy was a meme forced by the 17 years old autistic faggot Zuken aka dinoguy/when u h about a green fat farting Mr. Incredible jumping on a dildo.[7] The meme itself is NAS, and was forced on the sharty by making IAS edits such as "It's just getting gassy" and a traced gif of Cobson jumping on a BBC. The meme however, managed to find success in Xitter and on the mainstream web in general, and is considered "le slop". It is originally from Bobo Comics back in 2021 and NOT Zuken.

Pepe the Frog

Related Articles and Sections: Demoralization Coal, Frenschan, Pepe#Frogposters, The Frog Pond, Pepe le Pew

Main Article: Pepe

>soicacas won boooo

Pepe wasn't a forced meme at first, but turns out that in rare occaisions, Pepe will become suddenly forced due to demoralization.

Unfortunatley, Pepe will be 10% to 30% Forced by Frogposters and Demoralizations only in some cases that are bogus.

Because in fact, Pepe was not only forced because it's not enough to be brimstone or vantablack.

Froot was the only admin to thunderclap frogposters and demoralizers, with the words filtered, basically to prevent demoralization.

Actually, Pepe wasn't a dead meme because it still goes on.


Originally a clever and gemmy joke, quite quickly turned into a forced meme once oldtroon larpers began calling ANY new 'jak "poopson" for no reason, equally worse were the literal 12 year olds writing shitty creepypasta fanfiction about poopson

Random MP4s/WEBMs

NAS schizocoal that frequently pollutes /soy/. They are usually spammed in a dedicated thread. The content is usually lifted off of tiktok, and revolves around gen alpha brainrot. This phenomenon started as a nightly raid. Can be somewhat gemmish at times, especially when the log is coally and boring.

Brown Troonjaks

Brown Troonjaks started getting spammed during late October 2023, most of these quotes were nonsensical and quoting random things with distorted brown troonjaks (as their name suggested), it was originally spammed by one guy until other people started using it and it's been used for log wiping sometimes


Countrywars were originally an /int/ thing until I guess they got banned because of the rulecucking on 4caca so they moved to the booru, and now like 60% of the booru is countrywars, some notable examples include Italo-Argentine war and Russo-Ukraine war and some other wars that never caught on. Even doe Italy and Argentina don't even have countrywars irl


Cobbert is one of the most forced coally memes on the Sharty. It doesn't look nearly cartoony enough to be classified as a soyjak. It is ugly (and not in a good way), not quotable, and is forced by a grand total of three 'cordniggers who expanded the Cobbert Cinematic Universe(self-insert because... because it just is, ok?) onto Godjak, another brimstone variant. ?) k (another coal brimstone NAS) o

onto Godjak. Remember, Cobbert is NAS and if you see Cobbert coal floating around sage and hide.



Froge is a NAS Dave and Bambi and Touhou OC that was created by m1nty. On the sharty, Froge is a forced meme that would commonly be posted on frogposts, with the intention of derailing their threads.


Froge's first appearance was in a general /funkg/ in /trash/, also known as the frozen ninth circle of Hell, on January 10, 2022,[8] but it would have to wait until August 2022 to reach the 'party in abundant numbers.


Some rogue faggots started putting stealthy toads in jaks in order to get a response from Frogefags in a Lee-esque fashion. This continued for a day until a mod eventually asked Frogefags to only post in /qa/ and /incel/, effectively banning the meme from /soy/. This prompted the 'a Frogeposter' to write a goodbye message (which was actually just Leusick's "This is the end" video) in the board, only for it to be moved to /incel/ and then eventually deleted.



pictured here is lorenzo after some selfish pissbaby spammed his email

Lorenzo is a 300 pound spic who is obsessed with Froge and keeps spamming an image titled "KYS CUCKS 2". This name was given, after the retard left his real email in the email field, whilst posting this image. To this day, no one knows what KYS CUCKS 1 is.

Relationship with jannies


Jannies are absolutely obsessed with froge to the point that jannies will put froge posts on priority and will wipe them off the 'log within minutes, unlike coal, or nas.

It has gotten to the point to where some soyteens attempt to wake up jannies is flooding the 'log with froge posts becuase janny is a useless fuck hypocrite that is only there to crusade against x thing they don't like becuase they think it's le heckin ruining sharty culture or something


On December 4, 2022, a random soyteen made a drawing in Paint 3D in an attempt to mimic Froge's art style[9]. This character does not look in any way similar to Froge, and looks like a 3d model made by a roblox kid ('tube video is not available) . This abomination and mockery of true art was created in an attempt to create a boyfriend for Froge and farm (You)s. He is said to have a BFC (big funkin cock), and is a slut for Jason Blundell's big Apothicon pingas. The name Bobe comes from the first reply, as it sounds similar to froge. Bobe's models and textures can be found here.

The Froge Lee

In late 2023 a bulgarian poster became obsessed with Froge and started a new boogeyman hunt against frogeposters, accusing them all of being "venezuelan FNF pedos". Froot ended up actually deleting the wiki page twice.

Other examples

This section exists to outline all other somewhat notable examples of forced memes that don't deserve their own section on this article. Instead, they deserve only a mere mention on the list below:

Are soyjaks themselves a forced meme?

An anti-jakking conspiracy theory that is dangerous to our democracy has arisen among some 4cuckers, which is that soyjaks are themselves forced memes. Their evidence is that soyjaks are apparently normie/reddit memes and that they go against the spirit of 4cuck since 4cuck is le hecking anime website and le sekret club, or however the plot of Rozen Maiden goes. They usually convey this belief by calling any soyteen who posted even one 'jak on their boards a "wojackspammer", one of the most offensive slurs in the English language. Prominent soyologists, Snopes, and other reputable organizations have analyzed these claims and have determined them to be merely baseless accusations by anti-soymites, and that soyjaks are in fact a natural response to the decay of 4cuck culture and are valid countercultural works of art. [10][11][12][13][14][15]


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