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Communism is Jewish.


An old 'toss depicting Karl Marx as the A24 Slow-Burn Soyjak
(Left to right) Fidel Coalstro, Thoughseph Stalin, and Mao Soot-tung, three major communist leaders
This image confirms that communists love dat BBC doe

Soyjak.party is frequently raided by communists who spam child porn, gore, and niggerdicks. Investigations by the /soy/ community have found that the average spammer is either a tranny, nigger, or Kuz himself. Each of these two groups are notorious for the connections to communism, pedophilia and transgenderism. Therefore, these fag spammers are often called "commiepedotroons". The basic idea of communism is complicated because if you debate them they will say "we dont believe in this form of communism or thats the extreme version or" or something along those lines. However the basic idea that commiepedotroons argue is that captilism is evil because the rich 0.1% have too much power. there solution to this power is to transfer the power that the rich corrupt 1% have and into the goverment.You may say "well isnt that just transferring the corruption to the goverment. now you have just got a corrupt goverment." but there too stupid to understand that. Communists wants all forms of production including all of the factorys that make stuff you need to live on, farms that make up the food supply and anything that produces shit to be transferred and owned by the government(Because having all of the farms that make up your food supply be owned by goverment will not create any goverment corruption at all.) . Some extremist commiepedotroons even want people to give up all private property and abolish the idea of owning land as a citzen, Giving all that land to goverment.

Karl Marx

You WILL fill this section with relevant information NOW

(5 May 1818 – 14 March 1883) Arguably one of the worst jews that ever lived, best known for the amount of retardation he rippled throughout the world, mainly through his followers. He once was a no-life fag and a self-loathing Jew. He managed to overcome his crippling social anxiety thanks to his local child rapist rabbi, Moses Hess, who also helped him in writing his "masterpieces" such as Das Capital and The German Ideology.

Many groups of retards read those books and never question what was in it further because they don't like that they have to work hard to get good money (TLDR; they're lazy wagecucks). A lot of troons fall for this because it is soyentifically proven that all troons would rather Dilating and gooning off to porn all day than to actually work hard in a well-paying job (maybe because they are all ugly as hell, and no one would like to go to work every day just to see that shit).

The Irony

On June 19th 1843, Karl Marx married Johanna Bertha Julie Jenny Edle von Westphalen (12 February 1814 – 2 December 1881), or Jenny von Westphalen. Make of that what you will.

Communism today

>Blxck. Workless. GAY. SPACE COMMUNIS-ACCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!

Today's communism socialismCHUD! is perpetuated by leftist, neo-socialists and the overlaps. These people believe they should be paid $100k yearly by doing nothing in their lifes besides using social media and gooning to hentai. Also, many male leftists unironically believe that they are women.

There is a famous twitter thread where modern commies discuss how they envision their job in their ideal society. All the responses were shit like "uniform designer" and "mental health supporter". What this proves is that nowadays the only westerners unironically believing in communism are lazy faggots, which is hilarious because they would've been the first to be sent to gulag. Trannies like communism because (in their fantasy world at least) it allows them to do nothing but sit in their pod all day while dilating and playing video games that no one cares about.

"But stalin was not that bad of a gu-ACKKKK"

What to do if you see a modern communist/ how to debate them

  • Remind them that there has never been a single successful communist country. Ask them to name a single country that is not capitalist or socialist that is better than the country they are currently living under(literally there is none)
  • Remind them that Joseph Stallin killed more people than Hitler and was the most unsuccessful leader in the history of the world. Also remind them that people back then fought to overthrow him and replace communism with democracy
  • Remind them that there poor for a reason and its not "the evil billionaires and system keeping me down"
  • Remind them that replacing an entire government to be communist will never happen in their or the next 100 lifetimes and is an unachievable goal.
  • Ask them why capitalism has survived longer than communism and what should replace captilism
  • Ask them to provide evidence on communism working.
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