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An example of a Colourjak. This is one of the only variants; most Colourjaks are based on this one.
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Colourjaks (or Colorjaks[1] if you’re an Amerimutt) are a Soyjak variant that originated on They are simply regular soyjaks filled-in with bright colours and are most commonly based on Wholesome Soyjak. Some posters believe that Colourjaks are coal, while others say they're gems. Colourjaks have sometimes been posted in large quantities, many of them with little variation, which has caused some posters to dismiss them as instruments of spam. Colourjaks took on their current identity somewhere around June 10th, 2021, before which they were used to represent autism. [2]

Colorjaks spawned a new soyjak variation made in retaliation against Colourjaks, Anti-colourjaks. These 'jaks are simply Colourjaks with a black and white filter applied.

Some colours

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Grey/Gray
  • White <—- this is white btw

these don't display properly if you're using the wiki's dark mode, except for orange, green, blue, pink, and grey (and maybe purple)


The battle between monochrome and colour

Colourjaks fill the catalog. [3]

On June 10, a large amount of spam threads were created to purposely wipe the catalogue of /soy/. Most of these new threads weren't Colourjaks, however during this attack on /soy/, a large amount of Colourjak threads were necrobumped, causing some posters to express their dislike towards Colourjak posting. This spiraled into a conflict between "Monochrome" (a pro-Colourful term for regular soyjaks) 'jaks and Colourjaks which filled the catalog but only lasted a couple of hours.

Operation Bleached Bowl

For the delusional, schizophrenic distortion of history claimed by some Chuds to be the truth on OBB, see: Operation Bleached Bowl

Operation Bleached Bowl (OBB) is a term originated by users opposed to Colourjaks used to describe the moderation strategy of's moderators on June 10th, during a wave of heavy Colourjak posting. The term arose from the moderators' hostility toward scat posting, which took place in the replies of many Colourjak threads. OBB truthers saw the moderators' strategy as biased against both scat posting and threads alluding in any way to OBB or scat, which were deleted from /soy/ despite neither breaking any rules nor being any lower quality than many of the Colourjak threads, which remained up. Disturbingly, the furry porn that was also posted during the debacle remained un-deleted for significantly longer than the scat content.

Despite being highly active in cracking down on posts during the Colourjak/scat battle, Soot and other moderators remained completely silent on any thread containing OBB allegations.

OBB truthers also allege that after the OBB incident, mods engaged in a psyop/cover-up and wrongfully asserted that threads were being made with scat in the OP, when in reality (according to OBB truthers), scat was only being used to reply to Colourjaks and no scat threads were created.

Colourjak in Ultra 4K HDR

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