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>Though Maybe you were looking for the name?

Chudjak is the gem that saved the 'party

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Wojak variant
Origin/leftypol/, Bunkerchan (August 30th, 2020)[1]
Booru Posts 10000+ As of May 7th, 2024
Traced FromPatrick Crusius

Chudjak, sometimes also called Poljak, Chudcel, le /pol/ face, Chudjaqueena[No one says this, meds now (I say this)], CHVD, Clittycel, Poltroon, Poltard, or just Chud, is a Wojak variant that was made to mock right-wing /pol/ users and incels, and is now used broadly to mock and imitate any right-leaning individuals in general, specifically ones who envision and advocate for white superiority (heckin unwholesome). His facial features include almond-shaped eyes, thick-framed glasses [even doe those are an accessory], indented nasal folds, big lips, thick eyebrows and a distinct lack of chin. While these particular features are often attributed to adolescent mass-shooters and far-right extremists, 'jak fact-checkers have found evidence to suggest that an obsession with American politics, regardless of affiliation, can often cause an individual to develop this particular phenotype. As such, it is also commonly used as a template for trannyjaks, commiejaks, and other wojak edits meant to mock left-wingers. Because of Chudjak's polarizing nature and extreme versatility in being used against various political demographics, posting a Chudjak can often result in other posters retaliating with their own Chudjaks. This can lead to a thread devolving into warring factions quoting each other with Chudjak edits, a phenomenon remarkably similar to a conventional soy duel. Some /pol/ and /pol/ adjacent users have also chosen to self-identify as the Chudjak, making images such as Roman art parodies depicting chuds "looking like and saying that."

The word "Chud" stands for "Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller", which comes from the 1984 bone-chilling, character development-driven, cheap jumpscare-free, emotionally-draining, genre-defining slow-burn science fiction horror film C.H.U.D. and was popularized as a pejorative against right-wingers by the podcast Crapo Brap House.


The origin of the Chudjak is disputed, but it is said that an earlier front-facing version of the Chudjak, originally called "le /pol/ face", originated on the German imageboard Kohlchan to make fun of raiding /pol/ users before the currently popular "Wojakified" version was created in August 30th, 2020 on the now-defunct website Bunkerchan.[1]

Disputed Status As A Soyjak

The question of whether or not Chudjak should be considered IAS or NAS had been a controversial issue during much of 2020-22, but nowadays it is pretty much unanimously agreed that he IAS. Those who considered him NAS argued that he lacks the defining soyboy characteristics of an open mouth and a stubble, while those who considered him IAS appealed to the fact that Chudjak has design constituents similar towards those of a 'jak.

Official status as IAS

SoyBooru allows all Chudjak edits[2] under variant:chudjak, and Chudjak was listed as a contestant for the Variant of the Year 2022 strawpoll. Chudjak is also featured in a couple site banners, further cementing official recognition. These facts confirms that Chudjak is a soyjak and this has been rebunked by mutliple peer-reviewed studies.

In soyduels

The usage of Chudjaks in Soy Duels is generally despised, although in 2022 Chudjak vs Trannyjak edits saw an increase in popularity, and are arguably the most popular type of dueling these days.[3]

Right Wing Usage

Registered Democrat

Warning! The following may feature disinfo, psy-ops, or other infohazards created by the CIA. Proceed with caution.
An images that claims Patrick Crusius is a registered democrat. This has been debunked.[4]

Many right-wing /pol/ users attempted to reclaim the meme in their favor, a popular example of these attempts is the registered democrat image (shown here) which claims that Patrick Crusius, the person Chudjak is based on, was actually a registered left-leaning individual who identified under the Democratic Party. DEBOONKED BY LE SNOPES[4]

There has also been attempts at relating Chudjak to other popular leftists rather than Patrick Crusius such as John Oliver, Bernie Sanders, Stephen Colbert, and many more.[5] But the more popular one of these is Doreen Ford, a transgender r/antiwork janny who participated in a Fox News interview.[6]

Self Insert

Chuds choose to identify as Chudjaks online, this usage isn't very common on /pol/ but it's more popular on (and formerly /qa/). Popular edits include Chudjak BTFO'ing trannies,[7] Chudjak Roman Art parodies,[8] and Chudjak edits featuring him possessing abnormally sized genitals as a white man otherwise known as the "BWC" the terminological rival towards "BBC".[9]

Unfortunately, Immigrants, as usual, misunderstood/misused the sovl behind it and decided to make chud safe-edgy garbage and self-insert as him saying "billions must (x)" and things of the like, ruining this aspect of the meme. To this day self-inserting as a chud will lead to you getting called a twp and/or shitter immigrant.


For a while, chuds identified this meme as Bunkerface due to its heavy Bunkerchan origins in its early days of usage.[1]

Popularity outside the Party

The West has fallen. Millions must die.

Chudjak has gained moderate popularity as a meme outside the party on sites such as Twitter and Reddit. He is mostly known as the "Millions Must Die Wojak". This popularity has led to many people on these sites making their own edits of Chudjak in the "Millions Must X" format.[10]

Henceforth, this has spawned the Brimstone inadvertently linked towards the major influx of Troons, Twitter Users, and Discordians on the sharty, otherwise known as "Chudbob Soypants" contrary to the pre-requisite recognition soyteens exhibited to the gem around the time it was made.

Chvdmaxxing: The Vltimate Gvide

This page was written by hateful chuds!
This page contains content with far-right themes such as bigotry and racism.

Watch the alt right playbook in order to debunk the heccin bigots.

With the magic of the internet, even the most politically-correct sensative progressives can be turned into far-right chudcel pissbabies in a matter of minutes! Here is a comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial on how to unleash your inner chud to the fullest. Some of these steps take elements from the schizo and incelosphere which chuds often engage in. Please note that this tutorial is designed mainly for white males, however if you are a femchud or a non-white chvdseeker you can slightly change the steps to meet your criteria.A new soyence study has revealed that chvdmaxxing is actually a hecking diverse and universally-appreciated process for those who are mentally deranged enough to embark upon it![11]

  • Begin with your physical appearance: Change your resting face in order to have a slight frown at all times
  • Wear glasses
  • Thicken your eyebrows (using oil or even growth serum)
  • Get bigger lips if they're too small (although this might get you associated with niggers) (although although being associated with nignogs is trad and aryan because africa is the original starting point for all cultures including Evropeans!)
  • A red shirt or t-shirt and cargo shorts/khakis is now your go-to outfit. Avoid changing out of this outfit style if you can
  • Trim your hair short, not too short so that you appear bald, but short enough so that the texture is not immediately apparent at first sight
  • Wear boots with laces, even indoors

Have you completed these steps? If so, congratulations, you now look exactly like a chud! But now you need to think and act like one.

  • Embrace right-wing, conservative, and nationalist ideologies. This may take a while if you were not used to these types of ideologies prior to chudmaxxing, but the next steps will surely help you
  • Avoid meeting and talking with people in real life, as well as any IRL hangouts. The internet is your now your new home, and any forms of communication you have must now be online
  • Start following offensive/edgy meme accounts. Start browsing far-right forums and websites dedicated to free-speech. The go-to forum for chuds is 4chan's /pol/ - Politically Incorrect board, but there are a metric fuckton of alt-tech, anonymous, and otherwise chuddy sites to browse and interact with, so /pol/ should not be the only site you use. Start learning the memes, culture, and history of these boards and sites
  • Cut off any type of credible media outlets and only consoom information and build your worldview based upon /pol/ and /pol/ adjacent infographics.
  • Believe everything good about Nazi Germany is real but everything bad about it is made-up.
  • Create folders on your computer dedicated to memes, race, politics, and anything that can help you win arguments online. On the internet, memes are the most powerful weapon you can have, so make sure you download plenty of politcal memes, especially ones that make fun of other races and people you don't like
  • Start using slurs, buzzwords, and other terminology that is widely used on /pol/ in your everyday vocabulary.
  • Have an irrational fear towards people different than you to the point that someone saying your interests is "kikery" is enough to throw you off.
  • Play Hearts Of Iron IV, essential chudslop
  • Start researching controversial, gross, evil, pedophilic, and otherwise inflammatory verses contained in the Jewish Talmud
  • Avoid eating food and drink that /pol/ considers to be "goyslop", mainly fast-food, soylent and other soy products, plant-based meat, and any other highly processed foods
  • Only wash your face with standard cold water, don't use hygiene creams as they contain estrogenic ZOG chemicals
  • Use fluoride and sulfate free toothpaste
  • Start learning about Nazi racial theories. If they don't align with your worldview, you can either change your beliefs to align with these racial theories, or cherry-pick information in order to trick people into thinking Hitler actually liked (insert thing you like but nazi's hated)
  • Start obsessing over the "aryan" race, that is, the heckin vrilly and hyperborean Yoruba Tribe from which all european cultures are from. View all ethnicities that aren't from the Yoruba culture as inferior and subhuman
  • Start learning history, every good chud knows his history
  • Appeal to pseudo-esotericism, if it sounds like a hecking normie wouldn't get it, then it is undeniably true and you should believe it!
  • Learn the philosophical, mathematical, scientific, technological, and political advancements of ancient European societies like greece and rome which spawned western civilization[a]
  • If you grew up in a secular household, convert to a very conservative/chuddy church. The most popular of the "chuddy" denominations in europe is the greek orthodox church in europe and evangelical/baptist churches in america, but there are loads of other culturally conservative denominations out there, just try not to fall into a cult like mormonism
  • Start complaining about how most women are whores who would rather cheat and have abortions than date a noble man such as yourself, believe it regardless of if its true or not, but make sure to still find women attractive so you don't become a faggot, however many fail taking this precaution.
  • Start researching lost civilizations such as Atlantis, Hyperborea, Tartaria, Lemuria, and Thule. If they don't exist, then dont worry! You're already too far gone to stop believing fairy tails at this point!
  • You may want to start looksmaxxing techniques like mewing, but this is subjective unless you are buttugly. Same goes for exercising since most chuds prefer to argue with people on the internet than work out.
  • Start looking into elite organizations such as the World Economic Forum, the Bilderberg Group, BlackRock, etc.
  • Start looking into jewish billionaires who have significant power over major industries, aka "the Early Life technique", (the Rothschilds, Soros, Larry fink, Zuckerberg, etc, etc.)
  • Research the many criminal activities, human experiments, psyops, and other crap done by the CIA
  • Research the controversial upbringings of the LGBT community, such as the sexual experiments done on young children and how prominent LGBT activists were either jews, pedos, or part of NAMBLA
  • Start blaming all your problems on jews, the CIA, the elites, the blacks, or other actors
  • Research the biological and cultural differences between whites and other races, including crime and IQ rates[b]
  • Using those cultural differences, generalize other cultures based on how your /pol/ brethren see them. Don't question the stupidity of it, if someone says that projecting personalities onto skin color is trad and aryan, then do it!
  • At this point you must be so far down the rabbithole its either impossible to get out or you've trooned out from being a terminally online incel freak.


  1. Meds, literally no chud does this as they have the mental capacity of a 5 year old and would think that Europe is behind everything they do even though they just slightly tweak other cultural apparatuses over centuries and pass it over as their own <-- seething aryan
  2. It is important to note that the "research" your doing is just asking your 4cucksisters to post more /pol/ infographics about the topic


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