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FoundedAugust 3rd, 2021; 2 years ago
Total Posts46,572

SoyBooru, formerly OnionsBooru, also known as the 'ru, is the Soyjak booru. Originally created as a Tranny's private 'jak collection, [1] it was released to the public on August 23 2021 to replace after the latter was flooded with spam and ultimately deleted.

Even doe the booru is adjacent to the party, its userbase and culture are slightly different. Certain phenomena happened mainly on the 'ru instead of the sharty, such as the Italo-Argentine War. The 'ru also does not have the imageboard-style commenting format that the sharty does, which leads to different soyquoting/samefagging strategems.

Everybody rise for the SoyBooru National Anthem, performed by none other than yours truly, Squirreljak:

Acquisition by Soot

SoyBooru's front page.

On September 6 2021, in an impromptu Q&A in a Sootbait thread on /soy/, Soot revealed that OnionsBooru's owner (whose username on the Booru is "lolkekkeklmaolmaolmaoxdhaha") had transferred ownership to him. [2] He further said that the Booru would be moved to his "own domain". [3] On September 7 2021, the Booru was released to the public once again at the link (the old link was made to redirect to the new link) in a pinned post on /soy/. [4] OnionsBooru's former owner, who remained a moderator, changed the "Featured Post" to a CIAjak to commemorate Soot's takeover. [5] It has since been changed to a different 'jak. [6] For the duration of the Booru's time on its old domain, the Featured Post remained the Swedish "first soyjak". [7]

The site was later acquired by Kuz as a part of The Great Purchase. Kuz, however, does not run the website, and Soot continued to own the domain until September 25.

Later on, the administrator of SoyBooru left the site following kuz stepping down from the 'party. This caused Doll to take over the site.

Closure & Re-Openings

On January 14, 2022 was shut down by the hosting provider due to CSAM reports. This resulted in many users going to the booru and spamming it with unrelated NAS images.[8][9][10] A few hours later, went back up and all the NAS spam was deleted.

A day later, the entire booru was wiped except for one Chudjak image.[11] The reason why or how this happened is unknown. This resulted in SuBooru becoming the main booru for soyjaks, until the latter shut down in March 26, 2022.

SoyBooru later closed again on December 4, 2022 due to a large vandalism attack. This closure was prolonged due to the admin not having too much time to work on it. SoyBooru reopened, along with some infrastructure upgrades, on December 10, 2022.

SoyBooru was temporarily shut down for a few hours on December 19, 2022 for unknown reasons.

On August 14, 2023, lolkek wiped the entire booru, demodded everyone, and posted one tranime picture along with the tag "soicucks_lost." This user then commented the following:

I've become more spiritual in the last year and I do believe that the creation of this site is an unforgivable sin. I'm sorry, please forgive me...


Later, all posts with Cobson are restored, the logo is changed to a smiling Cobson and the counter is replaced by four images of Cobson with a large gape. It is renamed to CobsonBooru everywhere, except on the frontpage under the logo, where the previous name remains.

Then it's back in it's normal state, but shortly after that, these Cobby changes were reverted. Lolkek makes another posts the same tranime picture and comments that he has a full backup of the site shortly before he nuked it and he will hand it over to Doll.[13] Shortly afterwards, the site was entrusted to Angeleno, and he took over the site. Everything after July 27th was lost, due to lolkek ghosting Angeleno's requests for the data.

On August 17, 2023, the booru was wiped AGAIN with the same tranime image, but this time with the caption:

>bint won

>tenshi earth won.

It's posted by an account named 34iramqi34, who commented under it:

>omgomg first pirty naw sameful how truly SHAEMFUKUK o dear ppl who like man who um wears glasses n liek beard his beard looks um unorganized n stuffs but um um but um yes iem thinking this is bade this place u see its so goner how sade how truly sade well u hav lambda naw lole n liek um yes i like bint n stuufs thamk u

A message from Angeleno's account is posted:

>SoyBooru will disappear for good. Thank you for the good memories.

>its over
>Dear Soyjak Enthusiasts,
>It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you about the closure of our beloved SoyBooru. This decision was not made lightly, and we understand that it may bring disappointment to many of you who have been part of this vibrant community.
>Over the years, we've shared countless laughs, creative expressions, and memorable moments through the world of Soyjak images. It brought us joy to witness the camaraderie and wit that flourished within our community. However, recent events, including the shutdown of "" and the unforeseen consequences that followed, have led us to this difficult decision.
>We regret to acknowledge that the charm and fun that initially united us seem to have waned. The unique dynamics that made Soyjaks a source of delight have been affected, and we believe it's in the best interest of our community to close this chapter.
>Please understand that this decision wasn't taken lightly. We treasure the memories and connections we've built together, and it's our hope that you remember the laughter and creativity that once flourished within our community. We encourage you to keep those positive memories alive and continue sharing your creative spirit in other spaces.
>We thank each and every one of you who contributed to our community, who shared your talents, and who made Soyjaks a part of your online experience. We hope that you find new avenues to express your creativity and connect with like-minded individuals.
>Unfortunately due to high running costs, lack of interest, and Doll leaving the site behind, there's not much of a reason left to keep it running.
>While this chapter is coming to a close, let's remember the good times we had and the shared moments of laughter that defined our journey. Thank you for being a part of our SoyBooru community.
With gratitude and fond memories,
,he could have has been hacked howeverbeit, otherwise he would have posted the update on the 'ki, plus he doesn't seem to be online right now.

It was later confirmed that lolkek had a sleeper account on the booru called "nineveh". The 'ru has been restored again and lolkek is banned. Now, only Froot and Doll are the administrators of the site.

Froot's opinion on the 'ru

November 7th to November 16th: IT'S FUCKING DOWN AGAIN MOOOODS 404 ERROR

>booru was down for maintenance, worry not countrywarniggers and twitterGODs



Old space counters

Comment Section

The absolute state
They really look like that and say that though

One particulary notorious aspect of the SoyBooru is the comment sections of the posts , best known for attracting a terminally autistic breed of soyteens that can only communicate between themselves using a bizarre language composed of xenophobic slurs and confusing buzzwords that feel like they come from the brimmiest, niggerest depths of Twitter

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  1. /soy/, post no. 154773. I made a private 'jaks booru for myself a while ago, should I just make it public?
    it has around 400 'jakkies and all of them are tagged properly
    . August 19, 2021.
  2. /soy/, post no. 159850. Oh, I forgot about this. I was currently in the process of transferring the booru to myself, since the current owner is not interested in hosting it anymore. I am mostly done with this, and I will complete it soon.. September 6, 2021.
  3. /soy/, post no. 159856. >>159852
    I never promoted it, it was made by a moderator who promoted it.
    It really isn't too hard, but still is strange that he wants to abandon it so soon. Either way, I'm working on getting it up and running and on my own domain. I'll let you know once it's ready.
    . September 6, 2021.
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