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For the dumbfuck reading this article, see You.

Dopamine in an image

If someone is replying to your post on certain imageboards, a (You) will show up next to your post number in their reply. Terminally online autists, redditors, and attention-deprived faggots think of (You)s to be the 4chan equivalent of likes or upvotes, and therefore they make it their life's goal to accumulate as many replies, or (You)s, as possible, as if it has some sort of inherent value.

(You)s in Soyposting

Even the most novice soydueler knows it is improper to give (You)s to the person you are 'jakking. This is done to keep your opponents on edge so that they have to post their proper amount of green arrows. It also causes non-soyjak posters to seethe because they don't get any (You)s. However, artificial (You)s can be used to spice up soyduels. Also, giving way too many (You)s (mass replying) is another way of derailing threads. This is usually done by replying to a majority of the thread, and expressing your displeasure at the thread topic or general consensus, along with your 'jak of choice. It's important to also reply to people who have made completely irrelevant posts to generate maximum butthurt.

How to Obtain (You)s

  • Soyjakking a post (You can maximize your chances by posting on a board with a disdain for soyjaks, such as /a/)
  • Make inflammatory statements
  • Make obviously wrong statements confidently
  • Post twitter screenshots, news articles, or other social media posts
  • Schizoposting
  • Reply first and leave a witty response (also known as a FPBP)
  • Post a GET
  • Use a copypasta
  • Racebaiting during American hours
  • Post a left-wing opinion on /tv/ or /pol/
  • Mass replying
  • Bait Lee into replying with cropped MLP picture
  • Saging

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